Go to your local bookstore and offer to do a book signing event. Advice the owner that you’ll bring the copies of the books and that he doesn’t have to buy any prior to the event.

Work out a reasonable financial arrangement where you make a fair profit [remember you’ve bought copies of your at a greatly reduced price].

Remember to get their sales tax ID # as you need to report all income from the sales of your books on your tax return each year, including the sales tax you’re supposed to collect on each book sold. You don’t charge sales tax to books sold to retailer, point of final sale; which gets listed on the non-taxable sales when you pay the sales tax you’ve collected for the books you sole. Of course you’ll need to give the bookstore owner your tax id as well, but check with your local tax department to find out the official rules.

[see marketing idea #3 for more information on this topic]

At the end of the event ask the owner if they’d like to buy a few extra signed copies to keep on hand.