What would you do if for some reason you’ve always felt different than everyone around you? You’ve always had greater endurance when it came to running than any other student at your school. You were stronger than many of the boys even though you’ve never lifted any weights. And if you ever got injured you were back to normal, all healed, faster than anyone else. One thing you knew was certain, you weren’t a Supergirl; strange visitor from outer space with powers far greater than anyone else. So then, what has been the reason for Kayci Pierce being this way is something which has perplexed her for as long as she can remember.

It wasn’t until one uneventful night while she was taking a walk in the woods when Kayci got attacked and bitten by some creature and had gotten save by a total stranger. Little did Kayci realize that the dreams she’s continuously have since that traumatic and her rescuer would eventually not only lead her to answering the mystery of being the way she is, it would also bring her to her destiny of being a half-breed, yet powerful vampire sorceress.

But there’s a secret war going on involving rogue vampires and the Convenant, a war in which her savior, Adrian Spade, is heavily involved with pursuing these rogue vampires.

The attraction between these two protagonist is quite powerful, as she is now involved in a romantic relationship with a pure blood vampire. And as she now needs to assist Adrian to endure any and all immediate threats to their existence, Kayci must now make a possible life alternating decision, does she return to the life she’s been familiar with all of her life, or goes she forgo that and embrace the birthright she’s entitled to have.

For having given her readers a page turning vampire romance novel, there’s no way I can’t resist giving Ms. Shreffler 5 STARS.

US:   https://www.amazon.com/review/R1RNFC83WTR4GQ

UK:   https://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R2D2HDQ5ZVX8G3