Anyone who is a blogger, especially if you’re getting paid for each hit, and even if you’re not you might be able to relate to the situation Jemma Larson is facing in her life.

Picture if you will, your parents have been killed in a car accident, and you’re now the head of the household responsible for paying the bills, providing the daily necessities for not only yourself, but for your baby brother. And if you’re familiar with how fast a Social Services Agency will come in and break up a family when the youngest members of a family are not being taken care in the manner they deemed to be appropriate, then you’ll understand the dire situation Jemma Larson is beginning to face.

Jemma is no stranger in facing difficult times, especially financial ones, but with an ever increasing competition in the blogging world, she needs to come up with a viable idea which is sure to produce a phenomenal blog post, which will capture the attention of thousands of readers and be the envy of every other blogger.

But in order to accomplish this some sort of miracle to occur. It is then that fate steps in and gives her the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with none other than Daniel Starke, the newest infatuation of women on reality TV. However, according to everything she’s heard about this guy makes him out to no more than an egotistic, philandering idiot. Getting this interview would definitely mean a tremendous increase in her readers and the much needed income which would come along with it.

But as she quickly finds out, everything she’s heard has actually been lies and allegations caused by the proverbial gossip mills. Daniel, Jemma she discovers is a totally sweet and adorable hunk and sparks begin ignite in a relationship which pushes her into the forefront and forces her to discard the shyness she possessed up to now, while at the same time learning about the true world of entertainment.

While this might seem wonderful for Jemma, there an imposing negative side to the blogging world that she now faces, one which is fraught of jealousy of another blogger that can only be resolved with a confrontation.

This is one heck of a way to begin a series, and for enticing her readers in this manner, I’ve given Ms. Carlyle 5 STARS.