Well the New Year has begun and I’m looking forward to making it my best year since I decided to become an author.

Unfortunately, my year has already experienced its first downer; yesterday I got notified I hadn’t become a finalist in the second RWA Chapter writing contest I’d entered, but it also had a silver lining. One of the three judges gave me a few ideas to help change what I gave them which will hopefully allow me to improve the entire story for my erotic endeavor.

So far I’ve done two entries of three Haikus written around a prompt word, and have returned to giving you, my readers, a promotional or marketing idea for your writing endeavors.

I would love to add interviews and guest blog posts to this blog, but I can’t do it unless I receive requests for the same. If anyone is interested please email at rlmorgan51@yahoo.com and enter REQUEST FOR ________ in the subject line. I’ll be doing this on a first come, first served basis.

 As far as my three writing endeavors are concerned, I’ll be starting with my first erotic novella entitled “The Transformation”; which I’d love to complete by the middle of March. I might consider posting a few unedited snippets of these endeavors from time to time.