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I know it’s been a while since I’ve last posted an update but nothing important has really happen since then, that is until today.

Today I’ve marked what I feel is an IMPORTANT MILESTONE in my 2nd second career since I seriously decided to become a Book Reviewer back in August/September 2014. Today I posted my 500th book review on Amazon, this is a day I had envisioned as not coming as soon as it has.

In case anyone is looking for their next book to read or to give as a gift, here’s the link to my Amazon reviews:

This year I’ve once again enrolled in the Reading Challenge with a goal of 200 books. So far this year I’ve posted 38 reviews on GoodReads, and the rest of the sites I usually post them on, which according to GoodReads makes me being 10 books ahead of schedule in meeting my goal. While I’ve reviewed 35 books so far this year, I didn’t want to over inundate you my dear followers with so many reviews here on my blog.

As far as my three WIPs, I’m looking at starting working on them again next month, with my debut erotic novella being the first one I’m going to tackle. I would love to finish writing it before the end of the month, having the editing finished by mid April, and its release sometime in May; just before I’m due to renew my membership in the RWA [Romance Writers of America].

I’ve put together some more marketing ideas so you might be seeing them a little more frequently for a while. And since beginning to post Haikus here, I’ve begun thinking about putting 300 – 400 of them into a book.









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I won an ARC [Advance Reader’s Copy] of this book from the publisher through a giveaway they had on LibraryThing and the following is my honest opinion.

One of my favorite subjects in high school had been history and this book is a wonderful introduction to what became own as the “Silk Road,” a path which took travelers, mainly merchants and the like from the Far East to Constantinople [now known as Instanbul], a major economic center of commerce. The road was full of dangers, not only because of its long trek through an unforgiving terrain with many barriers along the way but the numerous band of bandits out to rob travelers of their valuable merchandise they’ve traded or are seeking to trade for “rare” spices, etc.

The story in this book follows Wong Chong when he gets a chance to travel with his father and the caravan they’re traveling with for protection for almost a year each way. Through its words and illustrations this book paints a quite accurate vivid depiction of what such an arduous journey might have been like for its young readers.

For having given its young readers a fun, educational reading experience I’ve given this book 5 STARS.




Robin Leigh Morgan’s Promotional/Marketing Idea # 17

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All of us who are authors tend in write in a genre in which we feel the most comfortable, that’s a given, and for me the genre is romance. However when we decided to do any promotions or marketing for a book we’ve written most of us tend to look for venues which would give us the biggest audience for whatever we’re doing. While this might seem good in reality most of that audience might not be interested in what we’ve got to offer. The better solution is to seek out those ventures which offer an audience as close as to the audience our book[s] have been written for that we can get.


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This week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site is “FLOOD” and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:  

[ ]


Rain from the sky falls

Evaporate it goes back

Cycle is endless


Sports and rain combine

In baseball game gets rained out

Football continues


No rain causes drought

Too much rain comes making floods

Need happy midpoint


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Christmas came and went six weeks ago and in real life and the romance stories particularly all women love to read. And in these stories, especially those with this seasonal theme to them how many women who haven’t found their HEA yet, each year are looking forward to this holiday season so they can grab their desired hunk and kiss him under the mistletoe, even it means having a friend nearby with a sprig of this mythical bough dangling on a string attached to a stick.

To love the second most romantic time of the year, Christmas; you’ve got to love and believe in it. If you do believe in the Christmas season you’ve got to believe that every woman’s life will be ending in a wonderful HEA they’re longing to have.

Christmas is a time in which a loss of a loved one hurts the most, a time one longs to be lucky to find someone under the proverbial kissing bough we know as mistletoe, to kiss them so they become theirs; and if they guy turns out to be a sexy hunk, so much the better. Christmas is a magical and fanciful time of year when romantic wishes do come true, but only if you believe.

The collection of stories in this anthology should be able to rekindled the seasonal spirit you had six weeks ago and be able to warm the cockles your hearts, as you experience falling in love again while fantasizing about being in the shoes of each of the female protagonists, laughing and crying along with them. And for having done this for me, I’m happy to give the authors involved in this anthology and their endeavors, 5 STARS.





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This week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site is “DESIGN” and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:  

[ ]

Start with a design

Make some changes and then more

Finished product great


An idea is born

Many changes then follow

New design now dead


Design new wealth path

Riches are now plentiful

Everyone’s equal


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One of reasons I’ve loved reading this anthology of five stories written by authors we’ve come to love is that being a child of the 1950’s I had been around to watch 10 seasons of the award winning comedy/romance television series known as “The Love Boat” [1977-1987].

While the show’s weekly episodes contained three interconnected vignettes, all taking place on a single cruise, all the stories here take place on a singles cruise taking place around/on Valentine’s Day, and you can’t have a better time of year than this for romance.

And like the television show this collection also contains a variety of known storylines for what we all hope will end in a HEA. Storylines like the hope of finding romance for the first time, rekindling the one two individuals once had, getting a second chance in having a HEA after a disastrous divorce custody fightr, as well as a Cinderella type story of a woman dreaming that a guy she’s known forever actually does love her for real.

For allowing their readers to fantasize about being in each of these captivating individual stories, I’ve decided to give the authors of the stories in this anthology 5 STARS for their efforts.