Christmas came and went six weeks ago and in real life and the romance stories particularly all women love to read. And in these stories, especially those with this seasonal theme to them how many women who haven’t found their HEA yet, each year are looking forward to this holiday season so they can grab their desired hunk and kiss him under the mistletoe, even it means having a friend nearby with a sprig of this mythical bough dangling on a string attached to a stick.

To love the second most romantic time of the year, Christmas; you’ve got to love and believe in it. If you do believe in the Christmas season you’ve got to believe that every woman’s life will be ending in a wonderful HEA they’re longing to have.

Christmas is a time in which a loss of a loved one hurts the most, a time one longs to be lucky to find someone under the proverbial kissing bough we know as mistletoe, to kiss them so they become theirs; and if they guy turns out to be a sexy hunk, so much the better. Christmas is a magical and fanciful time of year when romantic wishes do come true, but only if you believe.

The collection of stories in this anthology should be able to rekindled the seasonal spirit you had six weeks ago and be able to warm the cockles your hearts, as you experience falling in love again while fantasizing about being in the shoes of each of the female protagonists, laughing and crying along with them. And for having done this for me, I’m happy to give the authors involved in this anthology and their endeavors, 5 STARS.