I know it’s been a while since I’ve last posted an update but nothing important has really happen since then, that is until today.

Today I’ve marked what I feel is an IMPORTANT MILESTONE in my 2nd second career since I seriously decided to become a Book Reviewer back in August/September 2014. Today I posted my 500th book review on Amazon, this is a day I had envisioned as not coming as soon as it has.

In case anyone is looking for their next book to read or to give as a gift, here’s the link to my Amazon reviews:


This year I’ve once again enrolled in the GoodReads.com Reading Challenge with a goal of 200 books. So far this year I’ve posted 38 reviews on GoodReads, and the rest of the sites I usually post them on, which according to GoodReads makes me being 10 books ahead of schedule in meeting my goal. While I’ve reviewed 35 books so far this year, I didn’t want to over inundate you my dear followers with so many reviews here on my blog.

As far as my three WIPs, I’m looking at starting working on them again next month, with my debut erotic novella being the first one I’m going to tackle. I would love to finish writing it before the end of the month, having the editing finished by mid April, and its release sometime in May; just before I’m due to renew my membership in the RWA [Romance Writers of America].

I’ve put together some more marketing ideas so you might be seeing them a little more frequently for a while. And since beginning to post Haikus here, I’ve begun thinking about putting 300 – 400 of them into a book.