While it doesn’t appear like I haven’t made a Status Report since March 14th [#98], I actually did on March 25th when I wrote about my making the decision to allow the steamier, erotic of me to come out of hiding. After running a quick poll through all of my media exposures I decided on the name this side of me would be using, and the next day I gave “birth” to my “daughter,” Kathryn Heart.

Since then, Kathryn has run amok writing and instead of taking over the completion of the erotic novella I had started, Kathryn started on a totally different project has already compiled a collection of 250 Erotic Haikus, which should now be released in the next ten days, if not sooner.

While my writing has apparently suffered slightly I’ve been able to read/review 5 books, whose reviews I had posted en masse on GoodReads, LibraryThing and of Amazon US


I’ve now got to sit down with myself to figure out a schedule where both of my identities can exist and do the things we’d like to within the same 24 hours. Perhaps allowing my erotic side to do what it would like to do might assist me in completing my adult Contemporary romance novel, “This Darkest Secret;” as Kathryn’s erotic creativity begins to blossom.