I’ve finished my first round of reviewing the edits for “I Kissed a Ghost” as well as the line edit suggestions which had been made by the editor this past Wednesday. With my concentrating on handling this as well as promoting my steamier, erotic side I had no real time to devote to the reading/reviewing of any books. This had caused me to fall behind with my original goal of 200 books for the 2017 GoodReads Reading Challenge, which has resulted in my lowering my goal to 150 books.

On June 28th I received a surprise email from Amazon informing me I’ve been awarded an Enthusiast Badge for my reviews for True Crime novels. Enthusiasts are customers who frequently share engaging and high-quality content on Amazon related to the interests they’re most passionate about. Since I had no idea Amazon gives out a badge like this, I feel relatively honored that Amazon had chosen to give me it. The badge is now part of my Amazon profile. While True Crime novels is one of my favorite genres to read/review, the ones I love to do even more are most of the romance genres followed by children’s book.

In addition to not reading/reviewing any books, I’ve also fallen behind in posting several types of entries I should be posting on a regular on-going basis. Once the Fourth of July holiday is over, and I handle certain personal issues should as medical, I’ll be starting my second round of reviewing all the edits I’ve received for the book I’ve mentioned above. Once this is completed, and I’ve revised the copyright, title, acknowledgement/dedication pages I’ll be able to start the interior formatting process with CreateSpace. And after receiving/reviewing the proof copies for the book, I’ll be able to do a KINDLE conversion, etc. I anticipate that when everything has been said and done, I’ll be releasing the revised, improved edition of my debut romance novel in about three weeks.