For those of you who don’t know that beside romance I loved to write Flash Fiction, and that my second book is a collection of 100 flash fictions written around a prompt world; with most them consisting of only 5 sentences.

I’ve just found a website which each week gives its readers a prompt word along with a picture to which they’re challenged to use these prompts to write a flash fiction of less than 250 words. This week’s prompt has been “WAITING” and this is my response.

le-cirque-montreal-1994-flash-fiction-prompt-copyright-KSBrooks-768x527(c) K. S. Brooks



W endy sits at an outside table,

A waiting the arrival of her date.

IT ’s not like she’s been stood up before,

I t’s just he’d always call if he would be delayed.

N ow it’s been two hours and not a word from him.

G rowing impatient Wendy calls him, only to find out
her date is for tomorrow and not today. Mistakes are
these are getting for more frequent for her, probably
due to the beginning stages of the Alzheimer she’s
suffering with. Given this she must be forgiven,
because to err is human, to forgive divine.

Notice the prompt of WAITING has formed an acrostic for this endeavor.
The above flash fiction is part of the weekly Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Challenge and I would appreciate getting your vote for it. – THANKS !!!