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How many of you mothers reading this can remember your last day of middle school [junior high school in some areas]? Weren’t you happy you weren’t going to look as a child anymore, but more as a young adult; of course, you were. So why not allow your daughter in step into Bethany’s shoes as she’s about to transition going to high school.

You know quite well about all the excitement of going to high school for the first time, as well as all the angsts associated with it.

From your older friends, back then, you already knew about the fun extra-curriculum you had like baseball and football games, and let us not forget the dances. Yet, you and probably like this book’s protagonist, Bethany, are lacking one vital ingredient, that of not having a boyfriend to share everything with.

Perhaps you had been as lucky as Bethany and had a friend like Shelby who’ll stay by your side as you journey to your first day of high school. This summer vacation, after the eighth grade, is a vacation which can be fraught with some life-alternating experiences, like finding your first real boyfriend, a real first kiss and perhaps even a possible first love. But along with this you might have had someone who on one hand appears to be your friend, but, is an individual who is envious of you and what you might have [especially if it’s a boyfriend], and who would like nothing more than create problems for you in getting and keeping these things. Bethany has Brooke, who did you have?  

This book has an enlightening storyline for young girls, a storyline which is sure to bring these memories back to you as their mothers.

So why not have them read this book, so you can also read it yourself; which is why I’m happy to give the author, Laurel Veil 5 STARS for her endeavor here.

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UK:   https://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R2MW7CPQL9E04L