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This underlining essence for true story of Lillie Fritsche tends to harken back to the traditional Negro spiritual “A Motherless Child.” The reason I’m saying this is that like the song being a clear representation of the agony and depression felt by the children of slaves who had been forcibly taken from their parents at an early age, Lillie had to deal with the reality of losing her mother when she was seven.

Lillie instead of feeling the prejudice which had been so prevalent towards blacks while she was growing up, she had to face a similar animosity because of her German ancestry and the unpleasantness of the nationalistic sentiment at that time.

In this book, Ms. Hobbs has given her readers an exceptionally poignant reading experience, regarding her mother, Lillie’s life. The author allows them to follow Lillie’s life as she grows up facing the hurdles which were continuously placed in front of her until becomes an inspirational example of how far faith can take a woman if she believes in herself; which is why it has gotten the 5 STARS I’ve given it.

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