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Here is this week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site which is “MOON” and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:

[ https://haikuhorizons.wordpress.com ]

Full moons. Special names.
Harvest, Hunter’s, and there’s Blue.
What’s your favorite?

Silvery moon’s here.
Time to ask special question.
Will answer be YES?

Harvest moon is here.
Farmer can work far more hours.
Getting his crop in.

I would love to get your feedback here.



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Soon after I’d written my previous status on January 25th, which I’d forgotten to post until today I started to hear rumors about CreateSpace shutting down ALL of its support services: Editing, Cover Design, Interior Design, etc. This caused me to slow down my writing endeavors even more than I’ve already had, as well as causing me to become somewhat depressed. Now that the news about CreateSpace is official, I’ve become TOTALLY DEPRESSED.

This depression only involves my being a romance author with several endeavors in various stages of being worked on. I’m not going to stop working on these four endeavors, but my writing might only be about 3-4 pages at most on each of them. Being a General Member of RWA [Romance Writers of America] I can self-publish my books; however, I can’t use any of the multiple vanity presses which can easily be found to have a romance genre book I’ve written to be accepted by them. In the hopes remedying this situation I’d sent RWA a message, asking them to tell me which other self-publishing entities to they accept books from.

This depression has caused me to miss my Haiku prompts, posting my marketing/promotional ideas, etc. In order to feel as if I’m doing something I went into HIGH GEAR regarding writing my book reviews. Since January 25th I’ve posted 23 reviews on Amazon US/UK, GoodReads, and LibraryThing. I’ve now got 744 reviews posted on Amazon.com and 487 posted on Amazon.co.uk. As far as this year’s GoodReads Reading Challenge, I’ve already posted 49 reviews [24.5%] out of my original goal of 200 reviews, which according to their site puts me at 26 books ahead of schedule.

Being an Amazon-US TOP CONTRIBUTOR for True Crime Books I’ve just reviewed Jack Smith’s “The Most Devious Killers of All Time,” and the next book on my TBReviewed pile is “Sex Criminals” by Hannah Clarkson. I hope those of you who love to read romances have gotten to check my reading suggestion list for Valentine’s Day which I’d posted yesterday.


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I can’t believe I’d forgotten to post this update on January 25th, I probably had gotten distracted by my dear OH asking me to do something at that time which definitely could have waited a while.

With an apparent lack of sales despite some marketing activities I’ve decided to revamp my writing endeavors. Instead of attempting to write one page per day in one of my four current WIPs., I’ll be concentrating my attention on completing one endeavor at a time. The first endeavor will be one which I’m writing under my erotic pen name, as I want to give this side of me some much-needed exposure since I don’t review any books under this name. The only thing now is to decide which one of my two erotic endeavors it will be.

My book reviewing endeavor is moving along quite nicely as I’ve already written and posted over 25 reviews so far, this year on Amazon, etc. This is creating my being several books ahead of schedule in meeting my goal of 200 books for this year’s GoodReads Reading Challenge. And on Amazon my ranking is now below 1,900 and hopefully before the end of this year I’ll be one of the 1,000 TOP REVIEWERS on Amazon.

Later, some of my reviews have had problems in actually getting posted, instead of having them appearing for a book almost immediately, they’ve take up to almost three days; a book might appear on Amazon-US one day and almost a day later on Amazon-UK, which has caused me to increase the monitoring I need to do for these books. Amazon’s increased screening process for reviews might be the reason for this happening.


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As we all know Wednesday, February 14th, is Valentine’s Day, a day on which cupid is supposed to shoot his arrow into the hearts of two individuals so they can fall in love and obtain the HEA they’ve desired as long as they can remember. This is also the period of time when, romance authors write and their readers search for, stories which will personify the spirit of this day and the days surrounding it.

Since last Valentine’s Day I’ve written about 250 reviews covering many genres, including a variety of romances. It is for this reason I’ve decide to compile a list of the romances I’ve written reviews for during this period. I hope by reading this list you might find your next romance book.

“Behind Blue Eyes”
By Karen M. Bryson
4.6 STARS/18 Reviews

“Madamoiselle: A Novella”
By Suzanne Jenkins
4.8 STARS/17 Reviews

“Dogged by Love”
By Holly Tierney-Bedord
4.5 STARS/45 Reviews

“His Captivating Confidante [Secret Sentinels]
By Lisa Weaver
4.6 STARS/16 Reviews

“Valentine Vision”
By Tammy Tate
4.9 STARS/13 Reviews

“Sweet Child of Mine: 6 Secret Baby Romances”
By 6 Various Authors
4.5 STARS/8 Reviews

“Romancing the Rogue [Passion and Promises Book 3]
By Erica Ridley
4.5 STARS/103 Reviews

“The Fix It or Get Out Series [Books 1–3]
By Christine Ardigo
4.8 STARS/9 Reviews

“Breathless [Players to Men]
By Georgia Lyn Hunter
4.6 STARS/35 Reviews

“Songs of the Heart”
By 7 Various Authors
4.7 STARS/12 Reviews

“Dear Viking: Christian Historical Romance Novel”
By Lori Soard
4.7 STARS/20 Reviews

“One Weekend Away [Stubborn Romance Book 1]
By L Marie Apps
4.9 STARS/16 Reviews

“Never Let You Fall”
By Kate Smith
4.8 STARS/5 Reviews

“Marrying Ms. Kringle: Lux”
By Lucy McConnell
4.8 STARS/32 Reviews

“Season Shenanigans [Volume 5]
By 14 Various Authors
4.5 STARS/38 Reviews

“Snowstorm [Christmas Inspirational Romance]
By Jennette Green
4.9 STARS/11 Reviews

“My Wild Duke [The Dukes’ Club Book 8]
By Eva Devon
4.6 STARS/23 Reviews

“Betty’s Blessing”
By Jo Huddleston
4.8 STARS/6 Reviews

“Can’t Stop Loving You”
By Miranda Liasson
4.5 STARS/143 Reviews

“Marriage With a Proper Stranger [Men of Wollstonecraft Hall]
By Karyn Gerrard
4.7 STARS/7 Reviews

And if you would, I’d appreciate you checking out the two books I’ve written, both are available as a KINDLE Unlimited download.