I can’t believe I’d forgotten to post this update on January 25th, I probably had gotten distracted by my dear OH asking me to do something at that time which definitely could have waited a while.

With an apparent lack of sales despite some marketing activities I’ve decided to revamp my writing endeavors. Instead of attempting to write one page per day in one of my four current WIPs., I’ll be concentrating my attention on completing one endeavor at a time. The first endeavor will be one which I’m writing under my erotic pen name, as I want to give this side of me some much-needed exposure since I don’t review any books under this name. The only thing now is to decide which one of my two erotic endeavors it will be.

My book reviewing endeavor is moving along quite nicely as I’ve already written and posted over 25 reviews so far, this year on Amazon, etc. This is creating my being several books ahead of schedule in meeting my goal of 200 books for this year’s GoodReads Reading Challenge. And on Amazon my ranking is now below 1,900 and hopefully before the end of this year I’ll be one of the 1,000 TOP REVIEWERS on Amazon.

Later, some of my reviews have had problems in actually getting posted, instead of having them appearing for a book almost immediately, they’ve take up to almost three days; a book might appear on Amazon-US one day and almost a day later on Amazon-UK, which has caused me to increase the monitoring I need to do for these books. Amazon’s increased screening process for reviews might be the reason for this happening.