With CreateSpace having ceased all of their support services, most important of which had been editing and cover design, in my opinion; I’d been left with four WIPs that I’ve been working on, and no non-vanity place to go to self-publish them. And since then, almost a month ago now, I haven’t written a single word in any of them. [Two of which are being written under this name, and two being written under my erotic pen name, Kathryn Heart.]

This has left me with plenty of time to think about my next move regarding my second career as a romance author, as well as time for me to engage my passion in being a Book Reviewer, my 2nd second career since I retired just over eight years ago; and here I’d thought I’d be bored silly without a single thing to do. BTW – since my last entry I’ve posted around 30 new reviews for a variety of genres on Amazon and my other usual review sites. So, if anyone is looking for their book to read, you’re invited to check them and the rest of my 773 reviews on Amazon:


I know I’ve been amiss in not posting some entries on a regular basis; however, once I posted the ones I’m posting soon, it will be on a more regular basis.

Lastly, getting back to my current WIPs, I’ve decided to move ahead with writing the least problematical one; one which I believe can be done using a very simplistic cover design, which I can do on my own. This endeavor is for one of my erotic GLBT/BDSM novellas entitled, “The Transformation” by Kathryn Heart; which I’ve last worked on back on November 22, 2017. At that time the manuscript has: 22 Chapters, 107 pages and approximately 27,000 words, leaving me with it being about 90% completed according to my estimates. So starting today, I’m going to start off by re-reading what I’ve already written, and making any necessary edits along the way.