My erotic side now completed the re-read/re-editing of the GLBT/BDSM manuscript she’s been working on and will need about 6/7 more chapters before the elusive last period gets to be typed. Meanwhile, in order for me to starting working on my own two WIP manuscripts I’d started researching the issue which had been confronting me. After checking out a few KINDLE books I’ve got on my reader, I see that I don’t need to worry about page numbers or the headers [my name and the book’s title], which means I can resume working on them. This doesn’t include my erotic side’s other endeavors.

Working on these four endeavors at the same will require a great deal of scheduling when I combine them with all the other things I’m involved with so I won’t negate working on them as I’m doing now. One major component of the three WIP manuscripts is the re-reading and re-editing of them. I’m just going to need to make adjustments to the spreadsheet I’ve been using for each book, and designing one or two more.

I believe I’ve also resolved the cover design issue I’d been facing regarding how to have all the cover components [picture/illustration, book title, and author’s name] present when the cover is completed; more on this when I’ve completed each book.

So starting tomorrow, April 7, 2018, I’m going to play catch up with the entries I’ve failed to post anything for during the past few weeks. Since I haven’t done any real work on my various manuscripts so far this year, I’ve been able to post quite book reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. However, I haven’t posted any here on this blog; so I’m going to start posting what I consider my better reviews, before moving on to posting more on a regular on-going basis.