While my erotic side is having a slight case of writer’s block and is debating whether of not to include a certain chapter consisting of a scene of BDSM before moving on with the rest of the storyline she’s got in mind. I’ve completed doing a total grammar check on my adult contemporary romance novel, “His Darkest Secret,” by running it three times. At the present time this manuscript has 36 Chapters, about 240 pages with approximately 61,250 words; and I see myself needing about 6/7 more chapters, 42 more pages or 10,500 more words.

I know I’ve been neglecting to post some more marketing/promotional ideas, but it’s essentially because I’ve been concentrating on my book reviewing efforts. As of the date I’m writing this update [04/18/2018] I had posted my 800th review on Amazon-US. So, if anyone is interested suggestions in finding their next book to read, you invited to check them out at:


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