I know I haven’t posted in the past month, but you know how the way plans and things can go awry at the worst possible moment. Well it did for me.

As I wrote last time I had just begun to get back to my old former self my dear OH reminded me, after I’d made my post that I had to go for jury that following Monday. It wasn’t regular jury duty, it was GRAND JURY; four days a week for four weeks hearing cases the DA [District Attorney] wants to prosecute and wants to know if the panel of jurors feel he’s got enough evidence to move forwards with his case, and between the cases we got to hear and we heard over 70 I had “free”, I got to do “whatever” I wanted to do.

Luckily, my dear OH had gifted me with a KINDLE reader; so, I did one of the things that I’m known to, which is the reading/reviewing of books. During the time I’d spent in the courthouse and time commuting I wound up reading about 30 books. As of the writing of this post I’m up to 862 reviews on with a Amazon Reviewer Ranking of 1,396 and if you’d like to read any of my reviews you’re invited to check out:
Naturally, once I got home I need to rest, check on my daily deluge of emails and to write my reviews; leaving little time for anything else. The weekends got spent relaxing, shopping and of course dining out with who else but you know who.

As for my writing, and that of my erotic self [Kathryn Heart], nothing really got accomplished aside from mapping out the rest of her erotic, BDSM debut novella entitled “The Transformation” which she now plans to completed within the next month and self-publication sometime in September.

Here’s hoping I’ll be able to get to posting everything I used to going forwards.