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So, what if the bride didn’t wear her gown of white.
So, what if the groom didn’t wear his tux.
For these two pious loving people wanted to get wed.
Wanted to get wed, and time had been of a crucial matter

With the bride’s mother on death’s door.
Her dying wish was to see her daughter wed
They could have easily made their wedding civil.
But doing this wouldn’t have sat well with her clan.

The clan gathered together, got into their cars.
With her mother in a van and the bed she’s been laying in.
Drove to their family’s church.
Once inside they roused the priest from his meditation.

The priest married them forthwith
Married them forthwith in the House of the Lord.
With her mother’s smile gleaming from ear to ear.
She kissed her only daughter.

She turned to her husband and gave him a kiss too.
Saying “I’m glad to have lived to see this day.”
She looked at her savior there on the cross.
She smiled, said “Thank You Jesus”, and then peacefully died.

© Robin Leigh Morgan – August 2018

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I felt it’s become time for me to share something of an inspirational nature

Across the sands of the parted sea I’ve walked.
I’ve for walked 40 years and have kept on walking, walking and walking.
And then I came to a dead stop.
I’d finally reached the unknown goal I had
For I had reached Calvary, and the site I needed to see.
The site I needed to see…Before I died.

(c) Robin Leigh Morgan – August 2018

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This week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site is “LINK” and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:
[ ]

Two people get wed
Uniting two families
Adds links to the past.

The necklace link broke
Scattering the pearls on floor
Who’ll restring them now.

This prompt word is hard
Making it hard to create
Five seven five here

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I can’t believe I didn’t post my last update back on August 1st, which I written on this date. I guess I must have had a MAJOR DISTRACTION as the reason for the mishap.

Any way on Monday, July 30th I’d hit what I call a milestone in my 2nd second career since retiring back in February of 2010, that of being a Book Reviewer, I got my 3,000th HELPFUL nod on Amazon. Around that date I’d had written my 874th review and had an Amazon Reviewer Ranking of 1,317 covering a wide spectrum. Right I’ve got 887 reviews with a Reviewer Ranking of 1,285 which makes me a relatively hot reviewer. So, if you’re look for your next summertime read or that of child you’re invited to check my reviews out at:
I’m basically timely with reading my reviews. I also need to start posting some more marketing/promotional suggestions, something I’ve been horribly bad in not doing.

I had both of my books [KINDLE Editions] involved with giveaways on Amazon, which by the way is a simply marvelous manner in obtaining FREE books to simply read, and if you’re like me, write reviews for.

Things are really starting to fall into place, I’m keeping up to date with reading of my emails better than I’ve done in months. I now need to post a few marketing/promotional ideas, which I’ll be doing later this evening.

My erotic side has at long last returned to the writing of her first erotic BSDM romance novella, “The Transformation.” For the past five days I’ve written about 270 words each day which translates into two chapters, six pages and 1,350 words. If I can keep this rate up I should be able to type that elusive final period of my manuscript.

In addition, she’s completed a revamp and editing of a second, steamier erotic romance novella entitled, “Becoming the Bride’s Model.”

Lastly, as far as my own two writing endeavors are concerned, they’ll be on the back burner at least until the middle of October.


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At weddings I go.
Catching the bouquet bride throws
And be next to wed

Guy takes a big bribe
So that he will throw the fight
I’d bet on wrong guy

Beanbag thrown on ground
I hop around the numbers
Trying not to fall.

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