Hi All,

I know I should be posting my status report more frequently but it just hasn’t happened.

Since my last report there’s been a few things happening with me as a Book Reviewer, I’ve reviewed my 900th book on Amazon, I’ve received my 3100th HELPFUL nod. But, somewhat more importantly I’ve been reading quite a few Christian books of various genres; and I’d love for you to check them out and the rest of the reviews I’ve written.


As you can tell from two of my previous posts, I’ve begun to write Christian poetry because it feels so right when I do, I don’t know how else to explain it. Perhaps one day, I might even attempt to compile an entire book of about 75 – 100 of them; so, when I do post them I would love to get some sort of feedback whether or not I should continue to write poetry about our Lord. AMEN.
I also know I’ve been EXTREMELY neglectful about posting some marketing/promotional suggestions, so I’ll be posting about three of them sometime today.

My giveaways on Amazon didn’t totally meet my expectation as I still had copies to be won. I’m taking these leftover copies, which I’ve already bought and running new giveaways either on Amazon or LibraryThing.

My own writing endeavors are still on the back burner as I’m allowing my erotic side to finish her endeavors, one of which might see the light of day by next month, followed shortly afterwards by her second erotic novella.