To all of my dear followers, as you might know, besides being a rather voracious Book Reviewer; I’ve got 918 reviews of a wide variety of genres posted on Amazon, and so far this read I’ve already posted 221 of the 250 reviews for my 2018 GoodReads Reading Challenge, I also an author of romance who’s currently engaged in writing four stories, two of which are erotic.

Lately I’ve begun reading/reviewing quite a few Christian Books. The thing is I can’t seem to stop, especially since I’ve now got about 12 books on my ToBeReviewed listing. I’m reading them between the books of the other genres I enjoy reading like Children, Romance and True Crime books [for which I’m a Top Contributor for].

The only thing I seem to be missing is a little feedback regarding my reviews which is why I’m inviting everyone to check my reviews and give me a little feedback here. Here’s the link to my Amazon reviews:

THANKS and have a BLESSED WEEK with whatever you’re going to do !!! 😊 😊 😊