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God is our Redeemer and for that we must Him thank
For without His presence in us, our hearts would be blank
God is the one for He does for us everything provide
For that we must thank the Lord that He’s on our side

God is the one who makes sure our prayers are answered
For along with we’ve made it through each storm we’ve encountered.
God is the one us does comfort, especially when we’re in despair
For that is why our love Him to nothing can be compared

God is the one who gives us pain, but he also gives us pleasure
For that grace He’s possesses is impossible for anyone to measure
God is the one who on occasion there are things we desire he will deny
For at the same time things we truly need He will supply.

God is the one who gives us joy in our sorrow
For that is why He gives us hope for tomorrow.
God is the one why for your heavenly peace we worship Thee
For that alone He’ll also have our admiration throughout eternity.

© Robin Leigh Morgan – October 2018

Feedback will be highly appreciated



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I can’t believe how everything regarding writing endeavors I’ve got going on in my life has FINALLY begun to fall into place.

As Robin Leigh Morgan, enough though I’m a rather voracious book reviewer, who has just reached having 950 reviews of a vast variety of genres, from early readers picture books for children to hot, steamy, novella for mature adults on three different book review sites: GoodReads, LibraryThing and of course, Amazon; where Amazon has even given me a TOP CONTRIBUTOR badge for True Crim books. I’ve now, as I’ve mentioned before, become enthralled with the reading/reviewing of Christian books [and I’m not really a religious individual but yet have knowledge of verses for which I must search the correct citation for when I want to use one appropriately for a review I’m writing a review for].

I now got my two writing endeavors currently on the back burner; a MG/YA Urban Fantasy entitled “The Secret of the Well [which is now almost 70% completed, and an Adult Contemporary romance entitled “His Darkest Secret” [for which I’ve reached the original goal length I’d plan and for which I’m trying to determine how much further I need to go before I’ll be able to type that final elusive period for the manuscript]. I can give by other writing personas a chance to become known.

My steamier erotic side, and I do have one, of Kathryn Heart has already published her first erotic endeavor which consists of 250 Haiku of a pure erotic nature entitled “Haiku Becomes Erotic.” Kathryn current has two erotic novella endeavors which she’s currently working on: “The Transformation” which is now about over 85% completed, and “Becoming the Bride’s Mother” which is now almost 35% completed. And according to the rate she’s writing her first endeavor, the manuscript should be completed by the end of November, if not sooner.

Now, we come to my third writing persona [for whom I don’t have a name yet for] who’s begun emerge and causing me to be reading/reviewing such a large number of a Christian nature. Not only I’ve begun writing Christian poetry [where people seem to enjoy reading them in the FaceBook groups I belong to], when before I never wrote any poetry at all. I’m now seriously contemplating writing a book of Christian poetry in which I also plan to include the same number Christian Flash Fictions, similar to ones in my Micro Fiction books. And topping this off, last Monday I start to write a NA Christian Contemporary romance novella, which is currently entitled “It Had All Been a Game”; and as of my writing this post, it’s already just over 25% completed.

What this means is I’ve got to get darn right busy promoting the two books I’ve written as Robin Leigh Morgan. If you’d care to help me just download my book as a KU and through read it. If you do, I’ll earn some royalties and it wouldn’t cost you anything.


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With the ever-increasing number of Christian books, I’ve been reading/reviewing recently, along with the Christian poetry I’ve been writing, it seems another personality has been added to my personas.

Starting out as a MG/YA paranormal romance author I slowly added reading/reviewing books; I’ve now got almost 950 reviews posted on Amazon:

and my reviewer ranking there is 1,167 the last time I looked; in addition to which Amazon has given me a badge for being a Top Contributor for True Crime books.

And I’m currently in the midst of writing two regular books under my name of Robin Leigh Morgan, each of which are over 85% completed.

As my reviewing took me into reading books of the erotic kind, I began being drawn into writing stuff of an erotic kind and gave up with a suitable, comfortable pen name for her to use. And currently she’s in the midst of writing two books herself; while one is about 35% completed, and other is over 90%.

But, as you can see from my recent postings since around the beginning of September I’ve been concentrating the majority of my reviewing to books of a Christian kind and that I’ve also become a Christian poet. The most amazing thing about all this is that I still don’t consider myself to be a religious individual not at the least.

With all this going on my increasing religious side wants to publish at least two books of her own; and has a NA Contemporary romance that’s now just over 20% done. Now with the poetry she’s writing she is desiring more and more to write another book, one which will contain her poetry as well as an equal amount of Christian Flash Fictions [short short stories which are an average of only FIVE SENTENCES written around a PROMPT WORD.

The three of us would appreciate your kind assistance in providing her with PROMPT WORDS from which she can choose a word to write her story around. Just leave them here as a response.

The last thing I’ve got to do is to come up with a name for her to use.


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On the first day the Lord created the heavens and the earth
He did it for it pleased him, its massive girth
While some people are full of sadness, others are full of mirth
The love all of us have towards him has never lessen.

On the second day the Lord created the sky
He did it for it pleased him, never ask him why
While some people might be other foe, others are always our ally
The love all of us have towards him has never diminished.

On the third day the Lord created dry land
He did it for it pleased him, and gave him place on earth to stand.
While some people love being in the water, others prefer dry sand
The love all of have towards him has never been reduced.

On the fourth day the Lord created the heavenly bodies and stars
He did it for it pleased him, for they did looked beautiful from afar
While some people keep others faraway, others love having them not so far.
The love all of us have towards him has never decreased.

On the fifth day the Lord created all life
He did it for it pleased him, and gave them the power to do it again.
While some people love living in a glen, others prefer a mountain
The love all of us have towards him has never declined.

On the sixth day the created more life and then man
He did for it pleased him, and had been part of his master design
While some people only drink water, others sometime drink wine.
The love all of us have towards him has never been minimized.

On the seventh day the Lord finally rested
He felt his creation plan was now complete.
While some people are quite feeble, others are able to stand on their feet
The love all of us have towards him has never ever waned.

So, when the seventh day comes to us who love him
Let’s go to his house to offer our prayer
While some people still don’t know him, we who do can sing our song of praise
How great Thou art. How great Thou art, and will always be.


© Robin Leigh Morgan – October 2018

Feedback would be appreciated and have a BLESSED DAY !!! 😊 😊 😊


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We all know there can be
A savoir more powerful but thee

You’ve always been our bequest.
Having you in our hearts we’re blessed.

You’re always there night and day,
Waiting patiently to hear our daily pray

When we travel both far or near
Our enemies don’t bother us, for it’s thou they fear

And when we die, on angel’s wings they do us carry
To live forever in Heaven and each day be merry

For when I sit down to write Christian poetry
The Lord gives me the wisdom, and I’ve got no need to hurry.

© Robin Leigh Morgan – October 2018

Feedback will be greatly appreciated.


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Being a Christian woman, you believe in the Lord
For marrying an unbeliever, will create a lot of discord

Being a Christian woman, you can’t marry a liar
For if you do, your life with him will be quite dire

Being a Christian woman, you must avoid an abuser’
For when he mistreats you, you’ll become his accuser

Being a Christian woman, you must forget the playboy
For being with him, you’ll merely become a toy.

Being a Christian woman, you must ignore the deadbeat
For you’ll never get a lover that’s true, since he on you will you cheat

Being a Christian woman, don’t pity the man-child
For while he might seem sweet, you might wind up reviled

Being a Christian woman, don’t give your trust to an addict
For while you think he’s the one, you’ll only find out you’ve been tricked.

Being a Christian woman to find a mate you must patiently wait.
For the Lord has planned someone for you, but first you must promise to keep in him your faith.

© Robin Leigh Morgan – October 2018

Feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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How great the Lord is?
He loves us when we feel unlovable
His omnipresence is always there.

How great the Lord is?
He gives us peace and lifts us up
His omnipresence is always there

How great the Lord is?
Walking the shadow of death, we feel no evil
His omnipresence is always there

How great the Lord is?
His rod and staff forever comforting us.
His omnipresence is always there.

How great the Lord is?
Through times of war and time of peace
His omnipresence is always there

How great the Lord is?
He’s there when we’re born and when we die
His omnipresence is always there.

And if you can think of a time when he wasn’t
In his eyes, you haven’t been born yet.

© Robin Leigh Morgan – October 2018


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When the Lord saw the man, he’d created, was alone
He created a woman out of a bone.
When the Lord saw the light, he created was good
He separated it from the darkness as fast as he could.
The Lord created balance in the world.

When the Lord created a plan for each of us, it had equity
He made sure all shared a common destiny
The righteous and the wicked, the good and the bad.
No one could escape the plans he had.
The Lord created balance in the world.

Everything in his brilliant mind had a place,
And a time for everyone in the human race
From having to die to waiting to be born
While some will be happy, others must be forlorn
The Lord created balance in the world.

The Lord created Heaven
The Lord created Hell
Depending on how we’re going to behave
Will determine where we’ll go once in our grave
The Lord created balance in the world.

© Robin Leigh Morgan – October 2018

Feedback would be appreciated.


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As I’ve probably told you in my previous posts, I’ve never been a religious individual, yet I’ve now got a resurrection appearing in my live.

If you bother to check the reviews I’ve been doing recently [link to my Amazon profile:, you’ll already know there’s been a definite increase in the numbers of Christian Book reviews I’ve been doing which in the past week has reached just over 60%.

Not only has this been occurring, I’m now into writing Christian poetry, and have done about 9 poems so far, and I’m also looking at writing Christian Flash Fictions, stories similar to the one’s I’ve got in my book “Micro Fiction – An anthology.” And if this continues, I’m probably going to be self-publishing my first Christian book containing a combination of these two items.

Adding to this, I’ve found a long-forgotten manuscript of a regular NA Contemporary / Second Chance romance novella I’d entitled “It Had All Been a Game,” which I’m now in the process of resurrecting into one which will be more of a Christian nature.

When you combine this with my regular personae and erotic personae, I feel as if I’m returning into someone with multiple personality [like Sybil] as each of the genres I deal with causes me to interact differently with people contacting me. And if I do eventually publish a Christian genre book, I’ll have to use a third name to write the book under.

The strange thing is, having three different genres to deal with, it seems as if I’m beginning to have more and more time to do each one.

Please check my reviews out, as you might find your next book to read, or to give as a gift for the upcoming holidays.

Have a BLESSED WEEK with whatever you’re going to be doing, as well as with your families !!! 😊 😊 😊


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Day in, day out, as we toil each day
To wait every two weeks we get our pay,
And when we toil we must stand on our feet.
Until it’s time to have something to eat

Every morning we eat the same each dawn
The same is true for our lunch we eat on the lawn
We come home and the wife kisses us at the door
Which is why we always must her adore.

We pray each day to see some change,
As long as it won’t be strange.
For there’s only a single thing we must always endeavor
Is loving our Lord the same yesterday, today and

© Robin Leigh Morgan – October 2018

Feedback is most definitely wanted.

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