The Lord created his people and wanted certain things.
So, when they die, they can get their wings.
But what’s happening with some is quite awful
For they’ve forsaken their faith, and have become sinful.

There’s no real love for others, but only for themselves.
It’s so bad, they can’t ask Santa to be one of his elves.
There’s greed in their hearts with the lust for money.
You can’t even sweeten them with the best of honey.

They’re now boastful and proud
And have audacity to be scoffing at God.
They’ve become disobedient to their aging parents.
About their behavior their ears are now deaf to all comments.

People who still love and know them quite well.
And if they continue, people are fearful they’ll wind up in hell.
For there’s only one thing that can mean their salvation.
Which is to pray to the Lord to give them a holy revelation.

© Robin Leigh Morgan – October 2018