As I’ve probably told you in my previous posts, I’ve never been a religious individual, yet I’ve now got a resurrection appearing in my live.

If you bother to check the reviews I’ve been doing recently [link to my Amazon profile:, you’ll already know there’s been a definite increase in the numbers of Christian Book reviews I’ve been doing which in the past week has reached just over 60%.

Not only has this been occurring, I’m now into writing Christian poetry, and have done about 9 poems so far, and I’m also looking at writing Christian Flash Fictions, stories similar to the one’s I’ve got in my book “Micro Fiction – An anthology.” And if this continues, I’m probably going to be self-publishing my first Christian book containing a combination of these two items.

Adding to this, I’ve found a long-forgotten manuscript of a regular NA Contemporary / Second Chance romance novella I’d entitled “It Had All Been a Game,” which I’m now in the process of resurrecting into one which will be more of a Christian nature.

When you combine this with my regular personae and erotic personae, I feel as if I’m returning into someone with multiple personality [like Sybil] as each of the genres I deal with causes me to interact differently with people contacting me. And if I do eventually publish a Christian genre book, I’ll have to use a third name to write the book under.

The strange thing is, having three different genres to deal with, it seems as if I’m beginning to have more and more time to do each one.

Please check my reviews out, as you might find your next book to read, or to give as a gift for the upcoming holidays.

Have a BLESSED WEEK with whatever you’re going to be doing, as well as with your families !!! 😊 😊 😊