Being involved with multiple writing endeavors across multiple genres I’m finding it quite interesting how I’ve got to switch my mindset in writing each one. From writing regular endeavors which I’ve got two, an adult contemporary entitled “His Darkest Secret” [the title of which I’m now considering to change due in a certain element in the storyline] and a YA Urban Fantasy with a romantic backstory, entitled “The Secret of the Well” [which is a stand-alone sequel to my debut YA Paranormal Romance novel, “I Kissed a Ghost.” Two of these endeavors are currently, more or less, on the back burners, as I’m picking up a third writing persona.

Then I’ve got my second writing persona, Kathryn Heart, with her second erotic LGBT story, “Becoming the Bride’s Mother”, which will contain an epilogue with a surprise ending. With my debut erotic BDSM LGBT novel, “The Transformation,” which has an unexpected HEA ending. Kathryn’s second endeavor is almost 50% completed.

Making a 180-degree turnaround from Kathryn Heart, I’ve got two Christian endeavors in the works, a collection of 40 Christian Poems and 40 Christian Flash Fictions, the poetry portion as I’ve mentioned before is already finished, but I still need 11 more prompt words to write my flash fictions around [if you’ve got any suggestions, please leave them as a comment.] My debut Christian YA/NA Romance, “It Had All Been a Game,” is now about 45% completed. For these two endeavors, I’m probably going to use the name R L Morgan.

As far as my reviewing books is concerned, as of today [12/20/2018], I’ve finally posted my 1,000th review on Amazon. My reviewing of Christian books is still comprising just over 55% of the books I’ve reviewed since September 1st, 54 of the 98 books I’ve reviewed [55.10%] have been for this genre. If anyone is interested in knowing what these Christian books, or any of my other books, are so you can read them yourselves or to use as a gift, here is the link:

I can now feel the possibility of my actually becoming a TOP 1,000 reviewer on Amazon. It would make a marvelous Christmas present if I do.

Lastly, if I don’t do another Status Report before Christmas, I wish all of my followers and your families, a VERY JOYOUS and BLESSED CHRISTMAS.


Robin Leigh Morgan