For the end of this year I’d decided not to do any more writing on either the two endeavors I personally have, as well as my erotic endeavor as Kathryn Heart, plus the two Christian endeavors I’ve got as R L Morgan. I need time to clear my head, to relax, and to spend some quality time with my dear OH of 25 years.

This year I’ve achieved a major milestone as a Book Reviewer, I’d posted my 1,000th review on Amazon. I’m still posting a broad spectrum of genres in my reviews, from board pages picture books for very young readers to hot, steamy erotic BDSM, LGBT novels, and most recently over 55% of the books I’ve read/reviewed since September 1st have been for Christian books. Everyone is always welcomed to check my reviews out on Amazon at:

As for this year’s GoodReads Reading Challenge, I first met my goal of 200 books, then 250 books, and now finally meeting a second revised goal of 300 books.

Looking ahead for the beginning of 2019, I want to finish writing Kathryn Heart’s second erotic endeavor, “Becoming the Mother of the Bride”; R L Morgan’s Christian endeavors, a YA/NA Contemporary romance “It Had All Been a Game” and her collection of 40 items of Christian poetry and 40 Christian Flash Fictions. And naturally I’d love to finish writing my Adult Contemporary “His Darkest Secret” and my YA Urban Fantasy with a romantic backstory “The Secret of the Well” [which is also a stand-alone sequel to my debut YA paranormal romance “I Kissed a Ghost.”

I’d would for everyone to consider getting a copy of any of my published endeavors, all of which can be read for FREE as a Amazon KU [KINDLE Unlimited].

I’d love to be interviewed for any of the genres I’m writing in, so if you’d like to interview me for your blog or website, just send me a DM [Direct Message] to my twitter account:

In closing I want to give all of my followers and your families, all of my love and my best wishes, and that of my dear sweet OH of 25 years, for a VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY, and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.

Robin Leigh Morgan !!! 😊 😊 😊