I know. I know. I’ve been MIA [Missing in Action] Again. This time for almost 6 weeks.

As I stated last time my dear OH had been undergoing four weeks of almost daily medical treatment which had been occupying my time and my mind. The treatment has end and I’m the Dear is on the mend. However, I’ve been having my own medical issues, which thank goodness are relatively minor; the worse of which has been pain in my left knee which requires an Ace Knee Brace and a cane to help me ambulate the popping of 2 Extra-Strength Tylenol four times a day.

My progress in ALL of my writing endeavors has essentially been nil; with only 4 pages, 1 ½ chapters, 1,000 words being added to my YA Christian Contemporary romance novella and only 10 pages, 2 chapters, 1,900 words being added to my second erotic novella being written under erotic pen name. As for my collection of Christian Flash Fictions and Poetry, I’m still researching a possible issue I might have with it for which I haven’t had the time to make any progress under.

The only thing I’ve been really able to do is the reading/reviewing of books in order to keep my current status of being a TOP 1,000 reviewer on Amazon.com, Something I’ve been since February 11, 2019 when my Amazon Review Ranking was 980. Over 50% of the books I’ve been reading/reviewing are still Christian books. And if anyone is interested in finding their next book to read, or a book for a child in their family, you can check out any of my 1,065 reviews I’ve from a broad spectrum of genres, here:


Robin Leigh Morgan !!! 😊 😊 😊