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This is going to be a brief update.

At long last my dear OH is back to normal, and the painful discomfort I’d been experiencing in my left knee has subsided and I only have to use my cane occasionally.

Hopefully with this, I’ll be able to resume the writing of the two endeavors I’m currently in the process of writing; my debut YA Christian romance novella, working title, “It Had All Been a Game”, and my erotic side’s endeavor, “Becoming the Bride’s Mother.” I’m also looking to increase my presence on the internet, so if there’s anyone interested in interviewing, please contact me privately via a DM to my Twitter account or a message on my FaceBook Account.

To ALL of my Christian followers, have a GLORIOUS, JOYFUL, and BLESSED EASTER WEEKEND with your families. !!! 😊 😊 😊



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My chaotic schedule of driving my dear OH for doctor appointments is thankfully over, ending at the end of last month; but for the past two weeks I’ve been having excruciating pain in my left knee. It got so bad I got forced into using a rollator so I could walk from the garage we park our car in to our apartment.

Unfortunately, with the pain from my knee occupying my mind, I didn’t have any sort of mindset to do any additional writing on none of my current writing endeavors. My erotic LGBTQ novella, “Becoming the Bride’s Mother,” still has 16 chapters, 99 pages and about 18,800 words which makes it about 54% of what I estimate will be the novella’s length at completion. My sweet YA/NA Contemporary Second Chance [Christian] romance novella for which I’ve currently given it the working title of “It Had All Been a Game” current stats are 8 chapters, 50 pages and about 12,000 words longs is about 48% completed. My three other romance endeavors are currently on the back burner, and they consist of an adult Contemporary romance novel, a YA Urban Fantasy novella with a romantic back story, and a collection of Christian poetry and Flash Fiction [having 40 items of each].

The thing which is occupying the vast portion of my time is the reading/reviewing of books, trying to maintain my being a TOP 1,000 reviewer on Amazon. The percentage of Christian books I’ve done since September 1, 2018 has dropped down to 45% from being over 50%. So, if you’re looking a book for you or your child to read, you’re invited to check out the 1,088 I’ve posted on Amazon so far.

May you and your family have a JOYOUS, GLORIOUS, and BLESSED EASTER !!! 😊😊😊

Robin Leigh Morgan !!! 😊 😊 😊

PS – I’d love for everyone to check out my two main books on Both books are available has a paperback, KINDLE [$2.99] and for FREE has a KU [KINDLE Unlimited] and will hopefully buy/read a copy has I need to raise $$$ to assist me in publishing my future endeavors.