This is going to be a brief update.

At long last my dear OH is back to normal, and the painful discomfort I’d been experiencing in my left knee has subsided and I only have to use my cane occasionally.

Hopefully with this, I’ll be able to resume the writing of the two endeavors I’m currently in the process of writing; my debut YA Christian romance novella, working title, “It Had All Been a Game”, and my erotic side’s endeavor, “Becoming the Bride’s Mother.” I’m also looking to increase my presence on the internet, so if there’s anyone interested in interviewing, please contact me privately via a DM to my Twitter account or a message on my FaceBook Account.

To ALL of my Christian followers, have a GLORIOUS, JOYFUL, and BLESSED EASTER WEEKEND with your families. !!! 😊 😊 😊