It’s time for a belated report of a milestone, and a confession regarding my writing endeavors.

There’s a lot of stuff going on with me aside from what I’ve spoken about in my updates, and it’s basically indirectly/directly connected to my having become enthralled with my reading/reviewing of Christian books [ 90 of the 214, about books I’ve written reviews for, have been for Christian books.] This erence had created a desire to write something which would fall into this genre; and I’d started to write two, a YA/NA Christian romance novella; and a book which would contain 40 item of Christian poetry, and 40 Christian Flash Fictions.

It had been shortly afterwards having reported I’ve almost finished writing the poetry portion of the book that I started to received “phantom” excusing of me of plagiarism, copyright infringement, etc in connection to what I’ve written, threatening lawsuits, etc. were soon to follow. I say phantom emails, because responding to any them would result in a message stating the email address didn’t exist. Still, there was a validating reference which made them seem to be realistic, which caused me to shut down my creative thought process, decimating my ability to do any sort of writing. With a recent return of these emails I decide to start researching the copyright issues which with what I had written, with no positive results, I’m getting someone to query the US Copyright Office for their official opinion regarding the status of what I’ve done, which will take up to 5 business days for a response. So, because of the manner in which this has been happening, this whole ruckus is probably due to some poor unfortunate jealous individual who gets their kicks out of doing this to other people. The interesting thing about all this is that, the individual behind all of this is not bothering my sinful, erotic side of me. Hopefully, once I’ve resolved any possible copyright issue, I hope to resume ALL of my writing endeavors by the beginning of next month.

During all of this recent ADO, I’ve reached another milestone regarding my book reviewing; because on 4/26/19 I had posted my 1,100 the review. So, if you’re looking for your next book to read, or to give as a gift for a child, why don’t you check out my reviews on Amazon at

THANKS for being here and for your kind support.

Robin Leigh