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With the first half of the year gone, I’ve made plans going forwards, for the rest of the year.

Starting off with my writing of book reviews; so far, I’ve written reviews for 146 books of which 58 [about 40%] have been for Christian books; in fact, about 16 of my last 26 reviews have been for this genre, with quite a few being for Christian women. According to, I’m about 66% completed in meeting my goal of 200 books by the end of the year, which is something I need to reconcile with my records since I’m recorded more. It looks like I’ll need to increase by goal at least 50 books, which is something I did twice last year.

If anyone is looking for their next book to read, especially if it’s a Christian book, just check ALL of my reviews on Amazon:

One thing which I’m going to start doing as of July 1st, is to post ALL of my book reviews here on my blog with the link to the review on Amazon, to facilitate the purchasing of any book if someone wants to buy a copy or to read the other reviews which the book might have received. I would also like to receive feedback for my reviews from you, my followers.

With the number of books, I’ve been reading/reviewing and my binging on watching old television programs through NetFlix and Amazon Prime, my writing endeavors have been greatly impacted with hardly any progress being made on any of them for quite a while.

Currently. my erotic side is in the midst of writing her second LGBTQ erotic novella which is currently entitled, “Becoming the Bride’s Mother.” This endeavor is now about 54% completed, with 16 chapters, 99 pages, approximately 18,800 words.

As for myself; my Adult Contemporary romance, “His Darkest Secret” is about 87.5% complete, with 36 chapters, 238 pages, and approximately 61,250 words. My YA Urban Fantasy novella with a romantic backstory entitled, “The Secret of the Well,” is about 68.3% completed with 20 chapters, 78 pages, and approximately 23,900 words.

With my being enthralled by all of the Christian books I’ve been reading, I’ve started to write two books for this genre. The first is a collection of 40 Christian poems based on Christian hymns and 40 Flash Fictions, the first portion is completed and the Flash Fiction portion is 72.5% completed and needs 11 more stories to be written. However, someone advised me there’s a possible issue of plagiarism in regards to my use of the hymns looming, this endeavor is being halted until a definite clarification can be obtained from the US Copyright Office. The second is a YA/NA Second Chance Christian Contemporary romance novella with a WIP title of “It Had All Been a Game,” this endeavor is currently about 48% completed with 8 chapters, 50 pages, and approximately 12,000 words. Since these will be my first endeavors for this genre, I’m considering just using R L Morgan as the author’s name. I’m considering posting some current snippets from what I’ve already written, as well as additional ones as I approach typing that final elusive period for the manuscript.

If I can find the time with my harried schedule, I might start interviewing individuals for my two sister blogs. In the meantime, I’d love to be interviewed by others in regards to my writing endeavors or my reading/reviewing of books. Just send me a DM to my twitter account.

Since an article I’ve written was not accepted by the site I wanted it to be on, I’m willing to post it on any website that would like to have it, the article deals with getting rid of writer’s block by writing flash/micro fiction; so, if you’d me to post it on your site, please send me a DM via Twitter as well.

Have a BLESSED DAY to all of my followers with whatever you’re going to be doing !!! 😊 😊 😊



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When I began to seriously read/review books on Amazon back in August of 2014, and shortly afterwards on other book review sites that I would eventually become a TOP CONTRIBUTOR for True Crime books on Amazon. Newer could I realize that I could ever reach being a TOP 1,000 Reviewer on Amazon, but I did around two months ago.

And today, I’ve reached yet another milestone in my second 2nd career of being a Book Reviewer. For today, June 1, 2019, I’ve posted my 100th review for a Christian book, since deciding to keep track on 9/1/18; which according to my figure is 100 out of the 226 reviews I’ve written during this time period. Today, also marks my post my 10th straight review for this genre, most of which have been books written for Christian women in mind. I feel this milestone is somewhat spectacular given I review a broad spectrum of books.

There’s a certain feeling of well-being I get in reviewing Christian books, a feeling which is somewhat difficult for me to explain. In reviewing a Christian book, I always endeavor to include at least one bit of scripture in each review I write, scripture which is in one way or other connected to the book I’m reviewing. To make sure I’m choosing the correct scripture, I feel as if I’m feeling guided through the internet to find what I’m searching, being guided by a higher authority making sure the message of review will be getting across to those reading my Christian book reviews.

Nine months is the same amount time it takes for a woman to give birth, and for her to sense the marvelous sensation. To be honest, I do have a marvelous sensation in achieving this milestone in sharing my honest opinions regarding these uplifting, faith-improving Christian books; so much so I’m ready to begin my journey in writing second hundred set of reviews for Christian books.

Given this, I would love for all of my Christian followers to check out my reviews. So here is the link to all of my reviews on Amazon, I hope you can find one which might be useful in your own lives, or to give as a gift to a Christian friend who benefit from the message a book might have to offer:

THANKS for being here and for your kind support.

May you have a BLESSED WEEK with whatever you’re going to be doing !!! 😊😊😊

Robin Leigh