This is also the 150th book I’ve reviewed so far this year


I received a Mobi.file of this book from the author in connection with another book for which she had a giveaway on LibraryThing, and the following is my honest opinion.

I love listening to folksongs from different cultures, especially when they’ve been translated into English. One of these songs came to my mind as I read this book. The song is a Jewish folksong from the 1930scalled Tumbalalaika, and in this song, a perplexed young lad is up the entire night thinking about whom he should take and not shame, [Think marriage]

When he sees a young girl, he stops and asks her three questions regarding love:
What can grow, grow without rain?
What can burn and never end?
What can yearn, cry without tears?

She looks at this foolish lad and tells him:
A stone can grow, grow without rain.
Love can burn and never end.
A heart can yearn, cry without tears.

The poems which the author, Jocelyn Soriano, has written for this book echoes the questions of this song; especially when one considers that in love some tears must be shed somewhere along the way. These poems come from the author’s own life’s experiences; which anyone, especially women can relate to as they mirror the events in their own lives as well.

Just read the sampling of her poems in the book’s preview pages and you’ll quickly see that I’m correct in what I’ve just said. For having given me and her readers a collection of poetry which can lift one’s spirits and be rather emotional, I’ve given Ms. Soriano the 5 STARS she’s gotten from this reviewer.