I’d won a Mobi.file of this book from the author some time ago through a giveaway she had on the TRR [The Romance Reviews] website; however, it had gotten lost in the myriad of books I read/review until recently. The following is my honest opinion.

There’s an old idiom which goes: Once bitten/burned, twice shy. The meaning of which is that once a person has had a bad experience regarding something in their life, they would prefer never to experience it again. And it is this same idiom which befits the female protagonist [Idonea] in this story, not once, but twice.

For starters she’s deadly petrified of bears having already been assaulted by one; and as far as men are concerned, she’s become quite cynical regarding all members of the sex after having relations with a few of them.

Having already read a few shape-shifting stories in my days, just as many of you reading this review might have read as well; one thing is certain, once the male of the species has set their eyes on his perfect mate, nothing will be able to stop their quest in obtaining that mate.

Shape-shifting males in search of a mate are looking for one keen attribute for her to possess, the scent of her body; and for Massak it’s the scent which Indonea’s naturally emits. One small whiff of her at the beginning of the winter mating season is all that he needed to realize she’s meant to be his forever mate, as his natural primeval drives begin to emerge from their hibernation.

Taking his human form, he approaches Indonea using his diverse inventory of natural skills. At first, she’s reluctant to respond to his presence; but with his beguiling ways, she lets her guard down and allows him in. When Massak shape-shifts for the first time, she’s frightened. But as moments pass Indonea senses a calming presence and she begins to pet and scratch the bear he’s shape-shifted to beyond his ears; just as we would do to our dogs and cats.

When they arrive at her home outside her village, their hot, steamy love making begins in earnest, culminating with the realization that each has found their HEA mate.

Given the kind of books I’ve been reading/reviewing recently, I had to let my erotic personae read /review this book.

Ms. Ritch’s vivid erotic style of writing puts her readers, as it did me, into Indonea’s shoes with many of us physically responding to the hot, steamy love-making which occurs within the pages of this book, for which I’ve given the author the 5 STARS she’s garnered from this book.