The second half of this year has gotten to a slow beginning; however, progress now has movement in what I’d planned to do is starting to take half.
I’ve begun to post copies of the reviews written indicating how many books I’ve reviewed so far this year and how many of these have been for Christian books. The only issue I’ve got pertaining to this is that in order for me to show movement in the other areas I want to accomplish, I’ve created a backlog of 5 reviews which I still need to post here. When I post a review, I would appreciate a little feedback so I’m able to know there’s someone is actually reading these reviews.

An area I’m finally where I’ve begun moving forward on is one of my writing endeavors of which I’ve got five. With all of the Christian books I’ve reviewed so far this year [64 out of a total 157 books, or about 41%], I’ve decided to work one of the two Christian I’m planning to write.

The Christian book, I’m currently writing is a YA/NA Christian second chance romance novella, with a working title of “It Had All Been a Game.” Since July 6th, I’ve written 4 chapters, consisting of 13 pages and approximately 2.800 words, resulting in the book being about 59% completed, based on the projected length of 25,000 words. Given the genre of this endeavor is different from the other ones I’ve already written I’ll be writing all my Christian books under the name of R L Morgan.

As of today, according to the figures on Amazon, I’ve already reviewed 1,158 books since officially becoming a book reviewer, 5 years ago next month. Not bad for a 2nd-second career since retiring 9 ½ years ago. Both my reading/reviewing books in addition to my writing books is helping to keep this aging mind, young and active.

If anyone is interested in interviewing me for their blog or website, I’m available on a first come basis, just send me a direct message through my Twitter account.

Robin Leigh Morgan