Last year, after reading/reviewing several Christian books I had gotten the urge to write my own.

With that urge, I began writing my debut YA/NA Christian romance novella entitled “It Had All Been a Game.” As I wrote in a previous post, after a brief interlude I’ve returned writing it. At the present time, I’m up to 13 Chapters, 66 pages with approximately 15,100 words [the formatting for the Word Document for the book is that of a regular book]. Currently, the manuscript is about 60% complete and hopefully will be completed in about the next 2/3 weeks.

The second Christian I’d planned to write would have been a collection of 40 poems and 40 flash fiction stories. When I stopped writing due to a serious issue which had cropped up, I had completed writing the poems, and need 11 more stories to have completed writing that portion of the book.

Since the basis for the poems had been derived from church hymns, a Christian sister advised me there might a copyright issue regarding those hymns. So, after an extensive search which revealed nothing positive which I could avail myself of to use in including what I’ve written, I’ve finally decided to take the safe course by not including these poems in my endeavor. With only 29 stories written, I’ve realized I’ll need at 31 more stories in order to make the book more substantial with what it’s offering on its page. And I’m asking you, my readers, to provide me with prompt words I can consider using in writing these addition stories.

With everything that’s going on in my life, I’ve fallen behind in posting the reviews I’ve written and at the present time, my backlog stands at 8 reviews, for which I’ll be catching up on during the next few days.