With my manuscript for my second Christian writing endeavor entitled, “Christian Short Stories,” having a total of 24 stories, I’ve decided to post an example periodically of what I’ve written so far. In this one, the letters of the prompt is being used to begin the first word of each sentence.

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Brian Spector has a 40th anniversary gift for his dying wife Joyce fulfilled his promise of taking her the Holy Land, Israel one day,

Everything he planned for their stay there had been thought out and planned to the nth degree.

After arriving at their hotel in Jerusalem and resting a bit, Brian started to take Joyce on the itinerary he had so painfully planned.

Crossing back and forth, from town to town, these two followed wherever the Lord’s had traveled to during his short life here on earth.

Happenstances caused Brian to change his plans on their last day, and instead of going to Bethlehem, he took Joyce to a BEACH on the Sea of Galilee [Tiberias]. There on the sands they sat peacefully talking about the fabulous time they’ve had living together, raising their children and grandchildren as devout Christians, when all of a sudden Joyce went silent. Brian looked at wife and instead of seeing her looking forward, he saw her looking towards the heavens with a huge peaceful smile on her face. When he tried touching her, she didn’t move but remained motionless with her eyes still looking towards the sky and the smile still frozen on her face.

Then came the dreaded, yet consoling, realization that his dear wife had died peacefully sitting there. Given the location, and being a devout Christian, Brian began to wonder whether his wife had actually seen the Lord during the last final minutes of her life, just as His disciplines saw him during his third post-resurrection appearance, as stated in John 21.