With the way things are changing with me I’m going try to be brief. To begin with I’ve already read/reviewed about 60% of the books I usually do; and while I’ve done a few more reviews. I still behind in posting 8 reviews to my two blog sites.

Last time I’d mentioned I’m up to 13 Chapters, 66 pages with approximately 15,100 words [the formatting for the Word Document for the book is that of a regular book] for my debut YA Christian romance novella, I completed this chapter by adding about 500 new words, the page count has only increased by ONE page since the prior last page only had three lines in it. Currently the manuscript is about 62.3% complete and hopefully now will be completed by the end of next month [August 31st].

I’ve changed what I’m writing for my second Christian book. After reviewing the Flash Fictions I’ve already written I’ve decided to scrap most of them, and now will be writing short stories instead. Taking the Flash Fictions, I decided to keep I’ve expanded them in order to give each one some more meat to the stories themselves. I’ve devoted the majority of my time since my last post in writing these stories, and at the present time I’ve got a total of 24, ranging from 1 to 5 pages and from 171 to 950 words. The concept for each story is the same, they’re all being written around a prompt where the letters of the prompt form the beginnings of each of the words which begin each of the sentences, or where it forms part of the theme of the story connected to the prompt. I’m planning to complete this Christian endeavor at the same time as my other one so I can have a DOUBLE RELEASE on the same day. Both of these books will be published under R. L. Morgan in order to keep this genre of books separate from those being published under Robin Leigh Morgan.

REMEMBER, if you’re ever looking for the next book for you or your child to read, I got 1,161 reviews now on at

BTW – my other writing endeavors are more or less on the back burners, although I might be checking them out if I get a chance.