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In the past two weeks I’ve completed writing my anthology of “Christian Short Stories and Essays” by writing a personal testimony of the Lord’s involvement of taking me from the reading/reviewing of Christian books as merely one of the genres I deal with to make it a mainstay of the books I’m doing now at around 45%,

This conversion in the books I love to read/review ultimately brought me to the writing of my debut YA/NA Christian romance novella, while forsaking the writing of my two secular romance endeavors, not to mention the endeavors I write, heaven forbid, under my erotic pen name; which then brought me to writing a compendium of the 40 items I’ve mentioned at the beginning of my post today.

As I wrote in the last item mentioned above, I stated that

“…Giving testimony is the ZENITH of a person’s faith in the Lord. While the willingness to give testimony is a marvelous event in a believer’s life, the value of the testimony grows intensively only if it’s shared publicly with others…”

Thanksgiving Day threw my hopeful writing schedule awry and I didn’t do any writing like I had planned. I’ve just got over 92% of my debut Christian romance already completed, and now hopefully with the Lord’s guidance in my writing this endeavor, I’ll be able to time that elusive final period in the manuscript by the end of tomorrow, Saturday, November 30th. After this, I’ll then start an almost around-the-clock editing process using a program other than what my Microsoft Word program provides.

And in thanking His guidance with all that I do in regards to the Christian faith, I’d love for everyone reading this post to consider what is written in PSALM 103:22 [NKJV]

“Bless the LORD, all His works, In all places of His dominion. Bless the LORD, O my soul!”

AMEN !!! 😊😊😊



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Once again, it’s been a month since my last status report, but there has been nothing that I really felt important enough for me to write out. However, recently I’ve felt the urge to finish writing my first two Christian endeavors ahead of all my other 3 endeavors.

I still have a predominance in reading/reviewing Christian books with about 44% of the 237 books I’ve done so far belonging to this genre; and since my last report of the 22 books I’ve reviewed, over 40%, have been for Christian books. In writing my reviews for these books, I always endeavor to write ones which engage potential readers in knowing how I feel about what I’ve read. An example of this can be found in a book I’ve reviewed a few days ago, William Dika’s, “Who Am I in Christ: 59 Truths to Build Your Identity in Christ”

However, more importantly, has been the review I wrote for Angie Dent’s “Covenant Keeper 2: Stories of God’s Promises to Every Believer” where one of the short stories resonated so much with me that I felt compelled to share my own testimony in regards what happened to me because of the Lord.

I would love for everyone to enjoy reading these two reviews, and the rest of my reviews so they can find their next book, especially Christian book to read. To find all of my reviews, simply click on one of the above links and then click on my name at the review itself.

With my inclusion of scripture in most of the reviews I write for a Christian book, individuals have been repeatedly asking me in personal messages which Christian faith is mine. Each time I get asked I simply have to tell them that an individual’s faith, including mine, is a personal and private matter. I tell them it’s far more important to look at how an individual portrays themselves to be and what they’re saying publicly. I tell them just read my review for a Christian to see where I’m coming from and the kind of person I am, spiritually. AMEN

If anyone would like to interview me regarding the reviews I write or the two Christian books I’m in the process of writing please feel free to contact me.

The first of my debut Christian endeavors is a collection of 40 Flash Fictions, Short Stories, and Essays involving the Christian faith, written around a prompt word – I only need to write one more item. The second is a YA Christian romance novella, entitled “It Had All Been a Game” – this story is now about 88%, with another 4,500 words still anticipated to be written before I can type that elusive final period in the manuscript.

PSALM 118:24