As we approach the end of another year, I’d like to extend my wishes to all of my followers for a BLESSED, HEALTHY, and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.

To begin with, I feel a little disappointed that I couldn’t have my two debut Christian books ready for publication in time for Christmas. Perhaps the Lord didn’t have it in His plans for my writing career to have them completed at this time. I’m now aiming to have them published as a 69th birthday present to myself in about three weeks.

My fascination and enthrallment in reading/reviewing nonfiction Christian books continue as 45% of the 260+ books I’ve done this year have been for these books. I believe this serves as an indication of the kind of person I am as one reads my, at times in-depth and honest reviews. Quite a few of these books are to be read by Christian women, especially the ones that are devotional.

I still love to read True Crime books, which is now somewhat enhanced by my adoration of the Christian books I love to read/review. I’ve got to question what could have driven children to commit murders that are on par of any adult. I’ve got to wonder what could have inspired women to murder the child[ren] they’ve given birth to, and even more profound has been the revelation that men of faith could ever be men of murder [usually of their wives].

I, therefore, would love for everyone to check the reviews I’ve written on at,
that I hope you’re going to appreciate reading.

While my erotic side has become more/less invisible for the past several weeks, I like everyone to know she has re-edited her debut erotic LGBTQ/BDSM novella and is on the verge of completing her second erotic novella by the of January if not sooner.