My desire to publish my first two debut Christian books has finally occurred, although I’d have loved for them to have been ready in time for Christmas. Perhaps the Lord has caused the delay so they would become available in time for my 69th birthday on Wednesday, possibly in return for all the nonfiction Christian books, I’ve been reading/reviewing that have glorified His words and His name for the past 18 months.

The two books are:

“It Had Only Been a Game”
A YA/NA Christian romance.

“Christian Short Stories & Essays”
An anthology of 50 Christian Short Stories and Essays, with each one getting written around a prompt word. The last item in the book is my testimony about the Lord guiding/supporting me as I endeavored to write these two books.

Both books are available as a KINDLE for $2.99 or can read for FREE as a KU [KINDLE Unlimited] download.

I would love for everyone to check out my two new endeavors as an author of Christian books, and hopefully, purchase a copy for yourselves or to give as a gift. I would love to write more or these books; however, I’ve still got two romance manuscripts that I been working for almost two years that I’d like to complete first.

One of my yet unfulfilled desires is to become a New York Times Best Selling author, perhaps one of these two books will make it happen.

PSALM 118:24



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As we begin another year, I want to increase the amount of nonfiction Christian books I’ll be reading/reviewing. Last year, 118 of the 263 [about 45%] I had reviewed had been for these books. And with the first week of the new year already passed, I see myself being able to reach this goal since 6 of the 9 [66.67%] of the books I’ve done so far all belong to this genre.

In regards to my two debut Christian endeavors, I’ve made unbelievable progress, primarily since I’ve obtained permission from the NKJV [New King James Version] publisher to use verses from their bible and what I need to do for it in my books. As soon as I got their permission, I immediately made sure all of the verses I’d used for my collection of 40 Christian short stories and essays all came from their NKJV bible. I then followed this by completing the copyright, bio, listing of my books and endeavors and the acknowledgment pages. All that is left is for me to publish the book on KINDLE, which I’m holding off due to progress I’m making with my debut YA/NA Christian romance, “It Had Only Been a Game.”

Thanks to a dream I recently had, I came to the realization I only need one more chapter to finish writing the book, which I’m doing tonight [1/9/20]. Luckily, I’ve already checked the editing of the book’s entire manuscript using Grammarly, which has gotten turned on as I continue to write. With the completion of the writing of this book, Friday, I can add the same introductory pages I had in my first book [with necessary revisions for this book], and then create the cover page for the book.

With all this happening, I’ll be able to witness the fulfillment of my dream of having both books becoming available to celebrate my birthday on Wednesday, January 15th. While I’m disappointed that I couldn’t have completed my two books in time for the holidays, perhaps this is the way and when the Lord had planned for me to release my two debut Christian books.

If anyone knows of a Christian nonfiction book with less than ten reviews and available as an Amazon KU or for free, please advise me. Also, if anyone is interested in interviewing for their website or blog, please send me a message through my FaceBook account.