I recently received an intriguing new message under my Christian Facebook account, as R.L.Morgan, from an unknown individual praising me for the work they’ve read on my Christian blog and even called me Ms. Minister. While I felt being highly praised by this comment, I’m by no means a minister. I don’t have a flock of followers on this my Christian blog site, nor have I gotten any substantial amount friends on my Christian Facebook account or followers on my Christian Twitter account. Links for all of my social media sites can be gotten the bottom of:


And if you click on the “Read My Blog” button below the photo, you’ll be taken to my Christian blog, where I hope you’ll decide to become a follower.

My involvement with the Christian faith the way it is today came about by accident. As a voracious book reviewer of a multitude of genres from Children’s books with those thick pages to hot, steamy, erotic novels, I’ve read them all. I’m even a TOP CONTRIBUTOR for True Crime books on Amazon.

While I’ve read a small handful of Christian type sweet romances going back to the beginning of my reading/reviewing books, my reading the nonfiction ones started in earnest in 2018. In 2019, 118 of the 264 books [almost 45%] I’d read/reviewed had been for nonfiction Christian books, and this year [2020], they account for 41 of the 50 reviews [82%] I’ve written have been for these books. Here is the link to all of my reviews on Amazon:


There’s no way anyone can read this many books, without something happening in their lives, and I’m no different. I now can’t seem to get enough of these books to review, and it has also manifested itself in my having created the Christian blog I now have.

I still feel like the same person I had been yesterday, with one exception. When I happen to see scripture getting posted in any of the Christian Facebook groups I belong to, I now tend to respond with an authoritative scripture response of my own. Perhaps this is why the person I’d receive the anonymous message from had called me, Ms. Minister.

I would love to have anyone who is a Christian to follow me on my Christian site and to leave their comments as we share the Faith.

Let us all beseech the Lord for His intervention at this time; and let us meditate on NUMBERS 6:24-26.