With dwindling sales of my two books, I’ve slowed down the writing of my two current endeavors as Robin Leigh Morgan and all of my other endeavors, so there’s nothing to report, so I haven’t done any postings in a long while.

My reviewing of books has also slowed down, and my getting enthralled by nonfiction Christian books is continuing as this year so far 41 out of the 50 books [82%] have been for these books. If anyone is interested in these books of any of my 1300+ reviews here is the link, I hope that reading them might be able to assist you in finding your next book to read or to give as a gift:


It’s the beginning of a new month, time once again to start promoting the sale of my two books. I do wish individuals will buy some copies as it will give me an encouraging sign I should continue to write them as I’m not getting any younger, being 69 years young already. If anyone is interested here’s the link to both of my books:


Both of my books are available as a paperback, and the KINDLE version is only $2.99. This is a reasonable price when you consider what other authors are charging for their KINDLE books [almost as much as for a paperback copy]; also, both books are for FREE to read as a KU download.

I hope/pray that everyone who is reading this, and their families, are well and not suffering from the dreaded COVID-19 virus.