Last year I was still only an author with two books to my name as Robin Leigh Morgan and two more erotic books under a different pen name. Last year I was still only a blogger and a decently ranked book reviewer on Amazon. Last year I was still writing my multiple endeavors, which now included two Christian fiction books that got inspired by all the nonfiction Christian books I’d been reading and reviewing.

Little could I ever have expected what would take place after I would publish these two books on January 11, 2020. Here is the link to these two books on Amazon, which I wrote as R.L.Morgan.

Each book is only $2.99 as a KINDLE and can be read for free if you have Amazon K.U. [KINDLE Unlimited].

A month after these books got published, I began writing my Christian blog, “Trying to Be a Good Christian Woman,” first on BlogSpot. Then do to issue connected to individuals wanting to follow it, I moved my blog to WordPress:

Shortly after this, I started a Facebook group to form a sisterhood for my Christian sisters to join, “Worldwide Christian Women United”

These days I’m finding myself posting a Daily Scripture Reflection, a weekly discussion for a topic of interest many, if not, most Christians. I’ve also increased the number of reviews I’m writing for nonfiction Christian books, from about 45% of 260+ books I’d reviewed in 2019 to the almost 70% of the approximate 135 reviews I’ve written this; I’m posting these reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, and LibraryThing and my Christian blog.

I’m also finding myself interacting with other Christians, especially my Christian sisters, on the increasing number of Christian Facebook groups, where I’m posting scripture to their needs. If I didn’t know better, I feel as if I’ve started a ministry of my own.

I’ve just started a new account on Twitter, for the Christian woman I’ve become:

If you’re a Christian, especially if you’re a Christian sister, I would love for you to become part of, and support my endeavors as I shared the word of our Lord with others, both Christians and non-Christians alike.

THANKS for being the Christians you are and have a MOST BLESSED DAY with whatever you’re going to be doing, especially if it involves doing something for our Lord.

Your Christian sister,

R.L. [Robin Leigh] Morgan

NUMBERS 6:24-26