I know I’ve not posted anything here for a long, long while, for I’ve had far too many things regarding my better half and just didn’t feel like writing anything since nothing had been happening with my writing endeavors.

In all honesty, when I published my first two Christian books on January 11, 2020, I never imagined the transformative effect it would have on my life. Before this, I had been a secular individual who went to church on the major Christian holidays. My two Christian books got written due to my changing the concentration of the genre of books I was reviewing to that of nonfiction Christian books, which inspired me to write them. This, in turn, inspired me to become a Christian blogger, and my now possessing a passion for sharing the words of the Lord with others.

Ever since my better half had fallen three times in our co-op apartment, got taken to the hospital, and spent three months in a nearby REHAB center, I was left alone without a desire to endeavor to write anything for the items I was working on, including my posting anything here on my secular blog.

When my dear came home, I thought things would change for the better. Still, it hasn’t, as I now required the assistance of a home attendant eight hours a day to aid my looking after the individual I married, keeping our marriage vows, especially the one that states, in sickness and in health. The only thing that has kept me going has been the Lord’s presence in my life as I continue to share His words daily.

Despite not having individuals buy any of my books, regardless of the genre, despite my not gaining followers for my Christian blog. It has been the Christian faith I now possess that has made me the Christian woman I’ve now become.

If you’re a Christian man or woman, I would appreciate you checking out my Christian books [https://www.amazon.com/R-L-Morgan/e/B084G8JQP3], and to consider becoming a follower of my Christian blog, supporting my efforts in sharing the words of the Lord.


I would love to return to all of my writing endeavors, so I can complete the writing and publish them, but my heart isn’t there at this time, and it has been my Christian faith that has kept me going and has kept my mind and heart writing about the words of the Lord each day, and reviewing books of a nonfiction Christian nature.

Have a BLESSED DAY with your families from my better half and me !!! 😊😊😊

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