After my better half got admitted to the hospital a year ago and then transferred to a nearby REHAB facility for almost three months since my dear’s return home, my life has never been the same. Due to dear’s current physical and mental condition, I’ve got a home attendant helping me with the daily routines. The only thing that has kept me going is my trying to be a good Christian woman [which is also the title for my Christian blog].

During the past year, while I’ve made several attempts to return to the writing of my two secular romances, one of which is an Adult Contemporary and the other being a YA romance, that is also a stand-alone sequel to my first YA romance, I never could think of what to write next. It is like I had lost all interest or desire in finishing these two endeavors. The cause of this is that a major transformation had occurred in my life, a transformation that I wrote about on my Christian blog.

Except for reviewing non-Christian books, I doubt if I’m going to be doing any real postings here. I truly appreciate having you as followers here. I know I can’t force anyone to become followers on my Christian blog after reading the above post I’ve mentioned here, but, if you’re a Christian, I would appreciate your kind support by considering to become a follower there.

Have a BLESSED WEEK to everyone hearing this from my better half and me !!! 
😊 😊 😊