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Before you read my response to the prompt word of TRUST Lillie has given her readers to respond to this week, I must thank her.

For almost two years now, on almost a weekly basis, I’ve responded to her prompts, which on many occasions have helped me get over an incident of writer’s block I’d been experiencing in one of my writing endeavors. Lillie McFerrin has been the inspiration in my compiling the items in my second book, “Micro Fiction – An Anthology” and I want to thank her now for that.


T he time came one day when Prince Michael had to decide which Princess he should marry

R umor had it that Princess Michelle had actually slept with a peasant and had a child with him.

U rsula, a princess in a faraway kingdom, is so fat he wouldn’t be able to put his arms around her.

S amantha, a princess in another faraway kingdom, had a heart of gold but is as ugly as ugly could be.

T he unfortunate thing is that his father, the King, was on death’s door, but with no one he could TRUST to help him to make his decision, he now had to let his heart make the decision for him.

Here is the KINDLE link for my book for the

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Well I’m back again this week with my response for Lillie’s prompt word of “IRRITATION.”


The other day Denise Dey received a certified letter stating her husband’s car would be repossessed if a payment isn’t made within 14 days.  It didn’t seem to matter to the customer service representative she spoke that the car had been paid off two months after he’d died, even after the documentation had been faxed to them.

Denise explained her situation over and over, again and again, to one individual after another; but all of her efforts seemed to have been fruitless. Finally with two days left you can just imagine how irritated she felt when she’d received a phone call vice-president of the company apologizing for the inconvenience they’d created. It appears they wanted someone else, they wanted a Denice Day and not her.   


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I know it’s been a while since I’ve responded to one of Lillie McFerrin’s prompt words, but I’ve been engrossed in my other endeavors. And as you can see from my posts here, one of them is that of having recently become a Book Reviewer. In additional, I’m happy to announce that a few days I’ll be releasing my second book, Micro Fiction – An Anthology. And has soon as I can, I’ll be providing details about it.


Edna is really a sweet person once you get to know her, but unfortunately is not the type of person you really want to be friends with.

Now don’t get me wrong, she’s a great individual who she does have one trait which can turn her deadly.

Vying to have anything her little heart desires as long as she doesn’t know you have it, everything’s okay.

Yet, the moment she finds out you do, you need to watch out.

You need to watch out because she turns into a green monster known as ENVY.



Well I’m back to writing my responses to Lillie’s prompt word. The main reason I haven’t writing any is I’ve been busy doing a first round editing of the anthology of FLASH FICTION I’ve compiled.


On a dark night Mary’s car broke down on a lonely road. However luck hadn’t been with her as she’d broken down in a dead-zone for her cell phone, but she remembered seeing an all-night gas station a mile or so back. After rummaging through the glove compartment and then the truck until she finally found a flashlight, which she used to light her way there. Unfortunately the flashlight died a quarter of a mile from it, leaving her alone on a darken road. Then, all of a sudden, a luminous full moon came out from behind the clouds to light the rest of the way to her salvation.  


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This week Lillie McFerrin gave us the prompt of “PAGES.”  So this week I’ve decided to respond my giving a micro-bio of my writing endeavors.

What To Write As My Response ???

Here I sit at my computer, an aspiring author of romance, racking my brains of what to write next on the blank screen in front of me.

I once had started to write a Contemporary romance novel for several without any success in getting something I felt would be good enough to self-published.

Finally, I took the advice of someone to write something for a younger audience, and wound up writing a YA Paranormal romance novel entitled “I Kissed a Ghost.”

I followed this with several projects, I’ve now got an anthology of Flash Fiction I’m editing; a YA Urban Fantasy entitled “The Secret of the Well, which is now a sequel to my first novel; a total rewrite of my unsuccessful attempt at writing romance which is now entitled “His Darkest Secret,” and finally I’m now writing Haikus, with the hopes of compiling another anthology.

The problem I’ve got at this very moment in what to write on the blank page in front of me as my response to Lillie’s prompt word this week of “PAGES”




Given the prompt word Lillie has given us this week of “WISHES,” if feel as it’s a good opportunity to offer another UNEDITED SNIPPET from my W.I.P, an adult Contemporary with a paranormal element running through parts of the storyline entitled “His Darkest Secret.”

In this snippet, it’s Friday, and Jessica has been married to Warren for only five days. She has just returned home from work and as she at the front door with the keys in her hand she begins to quickly think of Bill, her relationship with him and the child they had produced, as well as other items.  She then begins about Warren came into her life, answering her silent prayers.


Who knew my prayers would be answered the night Warren showed up at my front door as I ate dinner with a letter stating I’m ready to use his services as an architect from Bill.   Who knew anyone else, but me, would be receiving a letter from Bill; much in the same manner I’ve received several from him, with each letter coming when some important or special event which would be happening shortly in my life.

I wish I could tell someone this story, but who’d believe me, especially the way our lives have crossed so many times even before we knew each other.   Yes, who’d believe me, because at times I can’t even believe it myself, and I’d lived through them.

I can’t stay here thinking about the pass, I need to go inside and get on with the wonderful life I now have with Warren and our three children.



This week Lillie McFerrin gave us the prompt of “MARRIAGE” on her website []; and as I down this morning to think about what I should write about, the thought of simply posting a small snippet of my W.I.P came to me.

I’m now over 90% completed writing my adult Contemporary romance with a paranormal element running through parts of the storyline entitled “His Darkest Secret.”

In this snippet Jessica is sitting in the huge leather chair in her office/den as she quietly holds the old picture of Bill on first day on the job as a volunteer firefighter, wearing his jacket and helmet. She closes her eyes while holding the picture next to her heart, falls asleep, and begins to dream of what her life would have been like if Bill hadn’t died in the tragic fire on Oak Street. She remained sleeping in her chair until six o’clock when Gloria came in to wake her for dinner.



I know I’m marrying Warren tomorrow, but I so wish it would have been you such a long time ago.

I don’t know how you’ve done it but you’ve kept the promise you made to me the day you died about always being there for me, especially when I’d need it the most.

I still can’t believe it, but it’s incredible there have been so many similarities regarding the three of us, especially the coincidence of Warren having used the same song for his wedding with Linda; that we’d decided to use for ours.

I also know your spirit will be there with me tomorrow, watching as I walk down the white aisle to be married to the wonderful guy you sent me to be your substitute. As I sit here, thinking about all this, I sense you’re be sending me another one of your mysterious letters which always proceeds some important event in my life, and what event could be more important in my life than my wedding day. 

My first YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance novel is entitled “I Kissed a Ghost” Available on Amazon. Here are the links for the KINDLE Edition






This week for the prompt word Lillie McFerrin has given us “ANCHOR” with which we’re to write our Five Sentence Fiction.  This is my response which I’ve written using an acrostic format for the prompt word.

The Bride Gets What She Asked For

ANne and her millionaire adventurer husband Michael spent their honeymoon on his luxury yacht “The Happiness.”

Choosing to cruise the inland coastal waterway system they experienced an extremely smooth trip.

Having never been on a yacht Michael allowed her to take the wheel of his as he continuously kept a watchful eye on every move she made.

Ordinarily he’d never allowed it to happen, however he couldn’t refuse his new bride anything she’d asked for, especially on this, their honeymoon.

Reaching the widest point in the portion of the costal waterway they were in, they dropped ANCHOR after having their lunch to sun themselves peacefully on the highest deck of his yacht.






For my response this week to Lillie McFerrin’s prompt word of “INNOCENCE” I decided to turn to some real fantasy for a change.

A Prophecy Needs To Be Fulfilled 

Hundreds of years ago a banshee cursed everyone living in certain village by changing the color of their skin to either blue or yellow.

And with the curse came a prophecy of when the curse would at long last be lifted.

It required the innocence of two youths who’ve shared each other’s ghosts of a hundred years ago to find the hidden entrance to the “Land of Two Colors.”

The well hidden entrance to this realm is only available for a three day cycle around a full moon, and once entered, the prophecy must be fulfilled by the end of the third cycle of three or the curse shall forever more remain in effect.

Will these two youths who’ve entered this realm figure out what needs to be done before time runs out; the story is still running its course so only time will tell.




Here we go again. It’s another Thursday, and another prompt word by Lillie on her website [], to challenge our ability to respond with a Five Sentence [Flash] Fiction. This week she’s challenged us with the prompt word of “DOORS”, and this week I’ve once again chosen to use my “almost trademark” acrostic format to respond with.


Dorothy and her two friends had been captured by a wicked sorcerer, and were told they could each have a chance for freedom if they’d separate and go their separate ways by opening one of three DOORS through which they’d have to walk through.

Opening DOOR number three her friend Lillie walked through and quickly disappeared.

Opening DOOR number one her friend Robin Leigh walked through and likewise disappeared.

Reluctant to open the remaining DOOR, Dorothy finally opened it and walked through it as well.

Surprised by seeing her two friends at the other end, they immediately agreed to choose the other path in the woods which they’d first come to at the fork in the road, instead of the one which had lead them to the sorcerer’s castle the first time.

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