Here we another week and another prompt word from Lillie. This week she’s given us the prompt “FREEDOM” on her website [] to write our Five Sentence Fiction. And this week I’ve decided to once again use an acrostic format in which to write my response. Adding to the difficulty is the THREE letters I had to use which began the final fifth sentence. I’d would love to read everyone’s feedback this week. THANKS


F ledgling romance Author Cindy Madison had always dreamt of meeting a romance author who’s famous.

R eceiving an invitation from Liz Whippet she didn’t hesitate to meet for some coffee and pie at Liz’s home.

E ntering the abode she got enthralled by the furnishings.

E leven hours later she woke to find ten other women slaving away at computers writing romance stories of every genre.

DOM inating the room she saw an Amazon with a whip continuously yelling, “Finish typing those five romances if you want ‘The Mistress’ to give you your FREEDOM.”

[The names use here at purely fictitious. Any connection with anyone living or dead is pure coincidence.]



With a week of not getting a new prompt word from Lillie, I think this week’s prompt of “VACATION” is quite appropriate.


Several years ago Jennifer and Michael finally kept their promised to take their two children for a winter vacation in New York City, a trip which had been well prepared for; including all the warm clothing they’d bought.

The trip there had been an exciting experience for Joseph and Nadia since they’d never flown before.

Once in New York, most their stay had gone just the way everything had been planned.

However, a “blizzard” struck; all the sights they’d planned to see the last two days, all the shows they’d planned to see got cancelled, and all the public transportation ceased to operate.

To make matters worse everyone got stranded at the airport for more than a day, wearing the same clothes, and missing important things at school and at work; which now made their wonderful vacation, nothing but.




I’d would have responded sooner but I’m now in a great support as you probably tell from my previous post entitled “WEEKLY STATUS REPORT # 7.”


Anyway for my response this week for Lillie’s prompt word of “FEATHERS,” I’ve decided to return to the acrostic format I’ve done so many times previously.

Patience Has Its Rewards

FErn has enjoyed her summer job at the local zoo for several years.

AT one end of it you had all the wild animals like lions, bears, giraffes and elephants.

HEre and there you might spot one of the ten peacocks which had free range at the zoo.

Roaming through the zoo Fern’s job included helping its visitors helping help in find the animals they came to see.

Saturday Fern finally found her 25th peacock feather, enabling her to complete the open fan of feathers on the wall of her room she started on the first day of her summer job ten years ago.



Another week is here and Lillie McFerrin has once again posted a new prompt word for which her readers are to write a Five Sentence Fiction.  This week Lillie has given us “WHIMSICAL” as this week’s prompt, and here is my response:

The Purple Alien

Helen, after spending a few hours at her gym and exercise class, went to get her hair cut and styled at the popular neighborhood hair salon.

The occasion had been for a Halloween where she’d planned to go dressed as Cinderella.

Running late and still dressed in a skin-tight white exercise bodysuit and matching slippers she quickly left the salon to walk to her car in the nearby lot.

Overhead, a painter knocked over a new large can of purple paint which unfortunately poured all over Helen as she walked over below.

Not knowing what else to do she walked into the party still covered head to toe in the purple paint, where she won the prize for best costume for coming as an alien from another planet.



I truly loved writing my response to Lillie’s prompt word on her website for this week of “COMPANION.” I’d loved to read your comments on this one.

The Truth is Finally Revealed

For some reason I’ve never been the marrying type of person, perhaps it had been for a fear of being committed to one person, and only one person.

However, when I heard Michael’s sweet, devoted wife died suddenly from ovarian cancer thirty years ago, I felt he needed someone.

I didn’t do much, but clean his house, cook an occasional meal, kept him company when he wanted to go to a restaurant; and I never ever slept with him in the same bed.

This morning I received the tragic news from his only daughter that he’d died in his sleep.

And now, I’ve finally realized the truth; that although he’d never been my husband for the past thirty years; he’d always been my sole COMPANION.



This week Lillie McFerrin gave her readers the prompt word of “LUCKY” for which they’re required to write a Five Sentence Flash Fiction, here is my response.

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Janice never seemed to have any luck going back as far as her college years.

Although she had been voted the homecoming queen, she never could get the attention of the best looking guy on campus; instead he went for the plainest looking co-ed, who he ultimately married.

At a supermarket due to her kindest she allowed a senior citizen with four items go ahead of her on the line who won the $10,000 prize for being the store’s 1,000,000th customer.

The same thing happened at the stationery store when a senior citizen bought the instant lottery ticket she wanted to buy and won the Grand Prize.

However, today, as she read the morning paper, Janice smiled from ear to ear, because the guy she didn’t married and his wife got arrested for running a $50 million Ponzi scheme.  



I’ve been quite busy the last few weeks with a number of writing endeavors. However, this week I’d made a commitment not to wait until the last minute to write my response.  For the next few days I’m going to attempt to catch up with responding to all those I’ve missed for those prompts I’d responded to.  So for my response this week I’ve decided to write something which many of might have had to endured with the recent snowstorms. So here is my response to furious.


Chelsea has already been a hard working committed civil servant at the local welfare center seldom missing a day there except for her vacations.

However last week on Friday when her town got hit with a huge almost blizzard-like snowstorm she left home 90 minutes early so she could be there at her 9:00 AM start of her shift since the radio newscaster said all town offices will be open.

No matter which way she tried to go in her SUV accidents prevented her moving anywhere for several minutes at a time.

Eventually, travelling only has fast as 15 miles per hour she arrived at her office after driving for almost three hours only to find they’d posted a sign ten minutes earlier reading: “The office will be closed today due to the weather.”

Chelsea had no problem with what happened; that is until Monday when she got furious because they’d marked her absent with a day of leave time lost and had no recourse but to start a lengthy fight to get the day back with the aid of her union.

FIVE SENTENCE FICTION – Misunderstanding


My response this week is actually taken from a scene in one of my WIPs, an adult contemporary with a paranormal element running through parts of the storyline. This WIP has a working title of “His Darkest Secret” 

A Photo Can Lead to a Serious Misunderstanding

There had been a gross misunderstanding on Jessica’s part when she found an envelope on the back seat of her fiancé Bill’s red convertible sports car containing several photos of a gorgeous statuesque woman with long auburn hair standing in front of his car, wearing the same red outfit she decided to wear to see him at the hospital.

The reason she needed to see him there is he’d gotten injured fighting a fire when the roof collapsed around.

At the hospital she met Father Kelly who accompanied to her fiancé’s room where they finalized the arrangements to have him officiate at the ceremony.

After he left, Jessica began to question Bill about the woman in the photos she’d found previously; and when he persisted in not answering her questions, Jessica’s worst fears came over her as she thought he might have another woman in his life.

Eventually Bill confessed the woman in those photos is his twin sister, Stephanie, the black sheep in the family; and she’s a model who helped him get the same outfit for Jessica as a present for her last birthday.  


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I’ve been quite amiss lately posting my responses here.  I’ve written my responses, however I got sidetracked with all my other daily tasks I forgot to post them.

My response this week is serving two purposes. First, it’s my response to Lillie’s prompt word of SUNSHINE [this is the first time I’m actually not using the word in my response, but solely as a prompt].  Secondly, I’ll be submitting this for consideration for a fund raising anthology with HIV/AIDS as one of its themes. I’ve already submitted 6 of my FSSs, five with a little tweaking]

This FSF will be the first I’m submitting for the anthology’s second theme, Gay/Lesbian relationships.

As you can tell from all my previous responses is something I usually don’t write.

See my previous post, “FINAL CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS” for information regarding the anthology I’ve referred to. DEADLINE = March 1, 2014

 A Truly Special Double Wedding

It had been a dreary, cloudy day when  Jack, Jonathan, Chelsea and Blair decided to wed with a dual wedding ceremony.

When the happy couples finally walked down on a pure white linen path under arches of brightly colored balloons, the sun still hadn’t shined.

There, at the makeshift altar at the end those standing in for their parents waited for the couples to arrive on a gorgeous manicured lawn beneath a canopy of trees.

Each couple then said their personally written vows to each other, leaving no one present with a dry eye.

Finally when the happy couples; Jack, the nurse kiss his now lifelong companion Jonathan, the hairdresser; and Chelsea, the construction worker kiss her now lifelong companion Blair, the semi-truck driver the sun broke through the grey skies as two white doves flew silently overhead.



I’ve been quite busy writing and other endeavors this week, so much so I almost forgot my posting my response to the prompt Lillie McFerrin gave us for this week.  My response this week serves two purposes.  One, it has given me something to respond here with. And two it has given me another opportunity to make my sixth contribution to a fund raising anthology which has HIV/AIDS as one of its themes.



“Oh! What fools we’d been in our youth,” said Jennifer.

“We thought we’d made it, being able to buy all the drugs we wanted, and still being able live the life rich people do.”

“We never seem to worry about sharing needles and other drug paraphernalia, nor did we fear catching any disease.”

“But here I sit today, alone, with a huge ACHE in my heart, for I’ve just buried my long suffering soul mate, a victim of the dreaded AIDS virus.”

“Oh, if I could but turn back the hands of time, back to the days of flower children, peace and love; but this time it would be without any of the drugs we had indulged in the first time.  


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