This week for the prompt word Lillie McFerrin has given us “ANCHOR” with which we’re to write our Five Sentence Fiction.  This is my response which I’ve written using an acrostic format for the prompt word.

The Bride Gets What She Asked For

ANne and her millionaire adventurer husband Michael spent their honeymoon on his luxury yacht “The Happiness.”

Choosing to cruise the inland coastal waterway system they experienced an extremely smooth trip.

Having never been on a yacht Michael allowed her to take the wheel of his as he continuously kept a watchful eye on every move she made.

Ordinarily he’d never allowed it to happen, however he couldn’t refuse his new bride anything she’d asked for, especially on this, their honeymoon.

Reaching the widest point in the portion of the costal waterway they were in, they dropped ANCHOR after having their lunch to sun themselves peacefully on the highest deck of his yacht.







For my response this week to Lillie McFerrin’s prompt word of “INNOCENCE” I decided to turn to some real fantasy for a change.

A Prophecy Needs To Be Fulfilled 

Hundreds of years ago a banshee cursed everyone living in certain village by changing the color of their skin to either blue or yellow.

And with the curse came a prophecy of when the curse would at long last be lifted.

It required the innocence of two youths who’ve shared each other’s ghosts of a hundred years ago to find the hidden entrance to the “Land of Two Colors.”

The well hidden entrance to this realm is only available for a three day cycle around a full moon, and once entered, the prophecy must be fulfilled by the end of the third cycle of three or the curse shall forever more remain in effect.

Will these two youths who’ve entered this realm figure out what needs to be done before time runs out; the story is still running its course so only time will tell.




Here we go again. It’s another Thursday, and another prompt word by Lillie on her website [], to challenge our ability to respond with a Five Sentence [Flash] Fiction. This week she’s challenged us with the prompt word of “DOORS”, and this week I’ve once again chosen to use my “almost trademark” acrostic format to respond with.


Dorothy and her two friends had been captured by a wicked sorcerer, and were told they could each have a chance for freedom if they’d separate and go their separate ways by opening one of three DOORS through which they’d have to walk through.

Opening DOOR number three her friend Lillie walked through and quickly disappeared.

Opening DOOR number one her friend Robin Leigh walked through and likewise disappeared.

Reluctant to open the remaining DOOR, Dorothy finally opened it and walked through it as well.

Surprised by seeing her two friends at the other end, they immediately agreed to choose the other path in the woods which they’d first come to at the fork in the road, instead of the one which had lead them to the sorcerer’s castle the first time.



Here we another week and another prompt word from Lillie. This week she’s given us the prompt “FREEDOM” on her website [] to write our Five Sentence Fiction. And this week I’ve decided to once again use an acrostic format in which to write my response. Adding to the difficulty is the THREE letters I had to use which began the final fifth sentence. I’d would love to read everyone’s feedback this week. THANKS


F ledgling romance Author Cindy Madison had always dreamt of meeting a romance author who’s famous.

R eceiving an invitation from Liz Whippet she didn’t hesitate to meet for some coffee and pie at Liz’s home.

E ntering the abode she got enthralled by the furnishings.

E leven hours later she woke to find ten other women slaving away at computers writing romance stories of every genre.

DOM inating the room she saw an Amazon with a whip continuously yelling, “Finish typing those five romances if you want ‘The Mistress’ to give you your FREEDOM.”

[The names use here at purely fictitious. Any connection with anyone living or dead is pure coincidence.]



With a week of not getting a new prompt word from Lillie, I think this week’s prompt of “VACATION” is quite appropriate.


Several years ago Jennifer and Michael finally kept their promised to take their two children for a winter vacation in New York City, a trip which had been well prepared for; including all the warm clothing they’d bought.

The trip there had been an exciting experience for Joseph and Nadia since they’d never flown before.

Once in New York, most their stay had gone just the way everything had been planned.

However, a “blizzard” struck; all the sights they’d planned to see the last two days, all the shows they’d planned to see got cancelled, and all the public transportation ceased to operate.

To make matters worse everyone got stranded at the airport for more than a day, wearing the same clothes, and missing important things at school and at work; which now made their wonderful vacation, nothing but.




I’d would have responded sooner but I’m now in a great support as you probably tell from my previous post entitled “WEEKLY STATUS REPORT # 7.”


Anyway for my response this week for Lillie’s prompt word of “FEATHERS,” I’ve decided to return to the acrostic format I’ve done so many times previously.

Patience Has Its Rewards

FErn has enjoyed her summer job at the local zoo for several years.

AT one end of it you had all the wild animals like lions, bears, giraffes and elephants.

HEre and there you might spot one of the ten peacocks which had free range at the zoo.

Roaming through the zoo Fern’s job included helping its visitors helping help in find the animals they came to see.

Saturday Fern finally found her 25th peacock feather, enabling her to complete the open fan of feathers on the wall of her room she started on the first day of her summer job ten years ago.



Another week is here and Lillie McFerrin has once again posted a new prompt word for which her readers are to write a Five Sentence Fiction.  This week Lillie has given us “WHIMSICAL” as this week’s prompt, and here is my response:

The Purple Alien

Helen, after spending a few hours at her gym and exercise class, went to get her hair cut and styled at the popular neighborhood hair salon.

The occasion had been for a Halloween where she’d planned to go dressed as Cinderella.

Running late and still dressed in a skin-tight white exercise bodysuit and matching slippers she quickly left the salon to walk to her car in the nearby lot.

Overhead, a painter knocked over a new large can of purple paint which unfortunately poured all over Helen as she walked over below.

Not knowing what else to do she walked into the party still covered head to toe in the purple paint, where she won the prize for best costume for coming as an alien from another planet.

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