Quite a while back I was posting five sentence flash fiction stories which had been written in response to a prompt word on a now defunct website. I missed writing those stories as they’ve always helped me get through any episode of writer’s block I might have been suffering from. So here’s the first of what I hope to become a regular feature of my blog. As you can tell from this blog entry’s title today’s word is ENVY


Edna is really a sweet person once you get to know her, but unfortunately is not the type of person you really want to be friends with.

Now don’t get me wrong, she’s a great individual who she does have one trait which can turn her deadly.

Vying to have anything her little heart desires as long as she doesn’t know you have it, everything’s okay.

Yet, the moment she finds out you do, you need to watch out.

You need to watch out because she turns into a green monster known as ENVY.