I’ve just found another site where I can get writing prompt for the Flash Fiction I love to write, it’s Indies Unlimited

Instead of the 5 sentence requirement I had to deal with at the other site I used to use, this site has a STRICT 250 word limit, in addition whatever is written has to be appropriate for the photo they give.

This is my first Flash Fiction I’m writing using this site. And as I’ve done in the past, I’m using the prompt word as an acrostic around which I write my response to the prompt word. 

                                               (c) K. S. Brooks – 2016

                                     Zoe Learns Never to Ask Again

Highlighting the relatively barren coastline there stood a lighthouse, small and dainty as it could be.

One day, Mother Nature decided she would turn her darker side on and to have a little storm at sea.

Regretfully it was also the day Robert finally capitulated to his wife continuously asking him to take her fishing.

It appeared that his wife, Zoe, had unfortunately never been on any ocean going boat; she always thought it would be the same as the river or lake sightseeing trips they took on their vacations.

Zoe felt relatively fine on the calm ocean until the late afternoon when Mother Nature decided it was time to cause a little excitement by causing the waves to get rough and the sky to darken.

On board their boat, The Lucky Star, Robert had to do everything he could to make Zoe feel comfortable, while at the same time trying to get them back safely to their boat’s slip at the marina. And if it wasn’t for that small lighthouse on the HORIZON guiding their way back, Robert and Zoe might have never returned.

Now back to where they had started their fateful trip, Robert told Zoe, “You see why I never wanted to take you.” The only way she could respond was to say she does and promise that she’ll never ask him again.

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