F or all practical purposes, JennyGayle always imagined she was talented.
AN d perhaps she was.
DA ily she could be seen in the spare bedroom in her luxury condo apartment working away at creating knick-knacks she wanted to sell at the annual artist event in her town.
N o one ever thought she would ever decide to enter one of the judging contests, let alone the one for handmade curios, but she did.
G regarious as she usually was, today, JennyGayle acted quite timid and shy as the judges started to carefully examine each item to determine the winner of the Grand Prize.
L Etting nothing pass her sight, she watched as the four judges huddle in a far corner discussing what they’ve seen, and as they paraded with the massive trophy, she became astonished when they stopped at her table and placed the trophy on it for having created the best FANDANGLE they’ve ever seen.